EXCLUSIVE: Will Young reveals why he unfollowed ‘mean’ Love Island besties Casey O’Gorman and Tom Clare

Love Island's Will, Casey and Tom were known as The Three Musketeers

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It looks like there's a new Love Island feud brewing and we're not talking about 'Messy' Mitch Taylor and Kady McDermott, we're thinking of Love Island winter's Will Young and former besties Tom Clare and Casey O'Gorman.

Let's cast our minds back to February and, while a lot of drama was going on, we were obsessed with Will, Tom and Casey's bromance.

In fact, shortly after Casey was dumped from the villa he mentioned that they might all move in together.

love island casey will tom
tom, casey and will during happier times ©ITV

However, fast forward to August and it came to light that Will had unfollowed Casey and Tom. But why? WHY? We found out...

We attended PrettyLittleThing x Indiyah Polack's party and it's safe to say that it was iconic. Literally every direction we turned, there was a celebrity.

But it's our chat with Will and Jessie Wynter that left us shook.

After a couple of agave margaritas (stunning, might we add) we asked Will why he unfollowed Casey and Tom and he revealed it happened after the boys went out with Ron Hall and Kai Fagan.

"So they [Tom and Casey] went out for dinner. I was invited but I couldn't go - I live out of the city, I'm working on the farm and focusing on my girlfriend.

"They had their dinner and from what I saw on their Stories had a couple of drinks, had a good time and then later that night Ron [Hall] removed me from the group chat.

"I was really confused but I sat back and thought, you've got four people sat at a table, a conversation about me would have happened, I don't know what is it, so although Ron removed me I think it was a whole group situation."

He went om, "Not one of them have messaged me or added me back into the group chat. So I thought, do you know what? I don't want the stress in my life, so I unfollowed them. That's basically what happened."

After we asked how things are going with Jessie, he said, "That's why we don't mind [the chat removal] because I'd rather chill out with Jessie and live on the farm.

"I'm busy in my own right and I want to see my friends back at home, my family, Jessie. I don't have time to go to the city, have dinners, drinks or anything like that.

"That's my main priority and I've said it from leaving the villa. I have had people ask about me, Tom and Casey and everything like that. All I've said is, 'I'm focusing on me, Jessie, my family' and that's what's important to me right now."

Jessie added, "It does really suck to see his friends from the villa haven't supported that and they've actually excluded him and been a bit rude.

"I think removing him from the group chat is quite a mean thing to do.

"Will's heart has always been in the right place and it sucks that his friends can't respect that and that they have to act like that towards him, but I always support Will and whatever goes on."

Will went on to explain that he's a busy man.

"The farm genuinely is a big job. Me and Jessie came off Love Island and I went straight into lambing which was like 24/7 work on the farm.

"So really the first month of our relationship, me and Jessie probably wasn't as connected as we should be because we came off the show, I was working, Jessie was in my house and it was a really hard and tough time.

"Since that we've just been focusing. All I want to do is marry the girl and have kids with Jessie. I think because Casey is single, I don't know if Tom is or not, but they've got single boy energy and that's not my life. I don't want to go out partying all the time."

Well, that's that then. This wouldn't be the first time Islanders have fallen out after the show and we doubt it'll be the last.

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