15 HUGE Love Island fights that happened off camera

Because sometimes the biggest fall outs were the ones we didn't see

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Here at heat, we spend a lot of our days reminiscing about Love Island and the frankly iconic drama that has blessed us all over the years. Anna Vakili putting Jordan Hames in his place after he cracked on with India Reynolds under her nose, anyone? Legendary.

What about when Olivia Attwood kicked off at pretty much everyone? Iconic. Or when Malin Andersson asked for her sunglasses when she came back to the show to confront Terry Walsh? One of the best reality telly moments we've ever seen, tbh.

And then, of course, there are all the beautifully iconic events that led up to the most rousing use of the English language on Love Island in all of the show's history, "You are a liar, an actress, go the f--k out." And, hey, that Love Island 2022 fight proved that some of these roads can eventually lead to true love, with Ekin-Su and Davide still going strong.

Then there was all the #dramz that went down on winter Love Island 2023: Olivia Hawkins VS Zara Lackenby-Brown, Olivia Hawkins VS Tom Clare, Olivia Hawkins VS Kai Fagan, Olivia Hawkins VS Tanyel Revan. Wait...

Kai and Olivia came head to head in series 9

HOWEVER, sometimes, the best of the best Love Island drama occurs when this lot get back home to Blighty, no longer protected by their Love Island bubble and thrown into a life of nightclub PAs and thousands upon thousands of social media followers.

*Grabs the popcorn Martin style*.

CHECK OUT Love Island feuds that happened after the show aired


Love Island feuds that happened after the show aired - heat

Will Young VS Casey O'Gorman1 of 15

Will Young VS Casey O'Gorman

Okay, so we're being a tad tongue in cheek with this one.

One of the highlights of this year’s winter Love Island has got to be the adorable friendship formed between the Three Musketeers. Will Young, Tom Clare and Casey O'Gorman quickly became besties after entering the villa and we’re still completely and utterly obsessed with them, tbh. However, things appeared to hit the rocks when Will called Casey a “snake” after he branded the farmer’s girlfriend Jessie Wynter "fake” and it only got more awkward when Will and Jessie saw the clip for the first time on Aftersun and confronted Casey, who was just metres away.

The couple then appeared on an episode of heat Dates with Harriet Rose and she of course had to ask how things are with Casey. Let’s just say, Will didn’t hold back with his reply… “When you’re in the villa for so long, you’re going to get it and I think it was a little bit unlucky with the clip that was shown. You’ve got to remember, it’s only three or four seconds of the conversation,” he explained. But Will continued, “He still said it and we’re coming for you!”

He was joking. Chill.

Olivia VS Tanyel VS Zara2 of 15

Olivia VS Tanyel VS Zara

Winter Love Island 2023 stars Zara Lackenby-Brown and Tanyel Revan have been inseparable since they left the villa. Within the iconic relationship, Zara and Tanyel have also managed to find a bond following their feud with Olivia Hawkins. During their time in the villa both Zara and Tanyel clashed with Liv and since Love Island has ended, all three Islanders have been throwing so much shade they’re practically living in darkness. Posting ANOTHER TikTok together, Zara and Tanyel filmed themselves lip-syncing to the sound, “Bombastic side eye, criminal side eye,” and fans filled the comments section with Olivia’s name. Almost immediately after, Olivia seemingly responded with her own Instagram Story where she blew a kiss to the camera and had the song Obsessed by Mariah Carey playing over the top. Shots well and truly fired.

Summer Botwe VS Coco Lodge3 of 15

Summer Botwe VS Coco Lodge

This Love Island #dramz is so hot, people are STILL getting burned by it. Love Island 2022 bombshells Coco Lodge and Summer Botwe went from besties to BLOWS pretty much overnight over fellow bombshell Josh Samuel Le Grove. Things got so heated between the pair on and offline that they allegedly got physically separated during the reunion episode after an epic shade-throwing match. For whatever reason the majority of the reunion fight ended up on the cutting room floor, but a member of the studio audience did tweet, "Just been at the #LoveIsland reunion episode filming, very heated exchange between Coco and Summer production had to step in and close it down." And we thank them for that. Finalist Dami Hope also confirmed that what was shown on our screens was "mid" compared to the real reunion fight. The girls are currently ghosting and blocking one another left, right and centre.

Remi Lambert VS Jacques O'Neill (and Luca Bish, ish)4 of 15

Remi Lambert VS Jacques O'Neill (and Luca Bish, ish)

Rumours of a rift between Jacques O'Neill and Remi Lambert on Love Island 2022 were rife but, for whatever reason, ITV chose to remove the arguments from our screens. Jacques then appeared to re-spark the apparent feud during a downright savage Instagram Live with best mate Luca Bish, where Remi's name was brought up, once again (this time Remi's rapping was the focus of the pair's conversation). This lead Remi to release a statement on the pair, accusing Jacques of "bullying" and Luca of the same (albeit indirectly). Remi posted the following to social media, "Don’t know why they wasn’t kicked out for their behaviour to be honest. It’s not banter, it’s clear signs of bullying" along with a TikTok of their Instagram Live. Love Island finalist Tasha Ghouri went on to like Remi's post.

Things seemed to simmer off for a while, until March 2023 when Remi released another statement related to Jacques on his Instagram Story, claiming that he was "assaulted" by one of Jacques' friends after a recent night out. He wrote, "Wasn't going to being this up but now this has gone too far now."Last night I was assaulted by one of Jacques' friends. Jacques and him followed me on my walk back home from the club and stopped me. Then Jacques began to start an argument the Love Island beef that was a year ago. Clearly can't move on. Out of nowhere his friend punched me. I think it was a setup to get me to react but I'm too mature this bs. If anyone saw anything last night message me." Both parties have remained silent regarding the alleged incident (as well as each other) since Remi's accusation.

Anton Danyluk VS Molly-Mae Hague on Aftersun5 of 15
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Anton Danyluk VS Molly-Mae Hague on Aftersun

In a classic case of not everyone is going to like you, Love Island 2019 star Anton Danyluk made his feelings VERY clear towards Molly-Mae Hague when he unfollowed her on Instagram right after leaving the villa, claiming that they 'never got along'. The pair came to head on the reunion episode of Aftersun, with Anton saying it wasn't his 'choice' to follow Molly-Mae in the first place and believed she was playing a game in the villa. While Mols chose to respond to him by shaking her head, Anton insisted it had nothing to do with Molly and Tommy Fury voting him and Belle Hassan off the show.

love island fights outside the villa6 of 15

Molly-Mae vs all the girls

It's no secret that Molly-Mae chooses not to have many pals, previously telling Stephen Bartlett's podcast Diary Of A CEO, "Friends, they come and go. I find it a bit of a waste of time" and that signing up for Love Island was more of a business deal. Aside from her bestie Maura Higgins, the influencer chose to distance herself from all the girls that appeared in her season of the show. As well as choosing not to attend reunion events, not inviting her former co-stars to her brand events and declining girly sleepovers, Molly has admitted that it just "wouldn't make sense" for all the girls to be really close still. Her decision to distance herself from her former Love Island pals hasn't gone down too well with some people, though, with Lucie Donlan revealing that hardly any of the 2019 alumni "speak to her anymore". Ouch.

love island fights outside the villa7 of 15

Yewande Biala vs Lucie Donlan

Sticking with the 2019 series (they were a fiery bunch), a secret feud between Lucie Donlan and Yewande Biala came to light after the Islanders left the villa. After Lucie claimed Yewande had 'bullied' her in a series of old Instagram comments. Yewande hit back, replying, "You refused to call me by my name because it was too 'hard to pronounce' now you wanna say I bullied you!! Bullied". The Irish scientist was later defended by her co-star Amy Hart, saying, "We haven't spoken about it publicly because it was Yewande's story to tell. I remember dates, times, locations of every conversation in that villa. There's so much you don't see x".

love island fights outside the villa8 of 15
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Jon Clark vs Chloe Crowhurst

Despite Jon Clark (series one) and Chloe Crowhurst (series three) appearing on completely different seasons of the show, there was still drama bubbling between these two warring exes. To take you back, Chloe was accused of going on Love Island while she was still reportedly dating TOWIE star Jon, but soon hit back tweeting that she was going on the show as Jon "told me he was cheating on me with 15 other girls". Fast forward a whole summer and Jon was still calling Chloe a "liar" and labelled her stint on the show a 'publicity stunt'. However, the feud didn't stop them briefly reuniting as they shared a kiss at DSTRKT nightclub in June 2017.

love island fights outside the villa9 of 15

Charlie Frederick vs Arabella Chi and Lucie Donlan

Charlie Frederick was left FUMING in 2019 when two of his exes, Arabella Chi and Lucie Donlan entered the villa. After being booted off the show before their arrival, he called out Love Island and shared messages stating that he was actually seeing Arabella just two weeks before the show started, he even labelled her "sly as f--k' on Instagram. Telling his followers on Insta Stories, "Right so this is all an absolute madness for me. Finding out that a person I'm seeing/have a lot of feelings for. On a serious level has just strolled into the villa completely disregarding my feelings and our relationship or what we had."I feel like I have to air these screen shots because I feel like I've been completely mugged off. I'm truly upset that Arabella has lied to me about what she was doing and claiming she had a campaign but instead actioning going into Love Island."

love island fights outside the villa10 of 15

Rykard Jenkins vs Kem Cetinay (and his pals)

In 2017, Love Island series two star Rykard Jenkins accused 2018 winner Kem Cetinay's friends of attacking him at his nightclub launch. Kem denied any involvement and they later both tweeted that they had "spoken and cleared up the misunderstanding".

love island fights outside the villa11 of 15
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Jessica Shears vs Tyne-Lexy Clarson

Love Island 2017 star Tyne-Lexy Clarson had a LOT to say about her co-star post-villa, labelling her "not a very nice person". She told The Sun, "I was the victim of it unfortunately in the villa. It was like typical bitchiness between girls."But obviously I'm not like that at all I'm used to having girly-girls around me that support each other. And I think she liked to batten me down."

love island fights outside the villa12 of 15

Samira Mighty vs Darylle Sargeant

Love Island series four was EXPLOSIVE enough, but tensions between some of the girls got even worse back in Blighty as Darylle Sargeant and Samira Mighty had to be separated at a press launch for a dating app after Samira found out Darylle labelled her 'fame-hungry' during an appearance on Lorraine. It got so heated that their co-star Laura Anderson had to intervene.

love island fights outside the villa13 of 15

Jake Cornish vs the 2021 girls

Aw, Jakey. In 2021, Jake Cornish's romance with Liberty Poole fell apart and so did his relationships with 90% of the girls, including Lib's best mate Kaz Kamwi. After jetting back home from the villa early, Jake wasn't seen at the reunion show and seemingly started to distance himself from the group. He admitted in September 2021, "I don't speak to any of the girls. I think I'm a lone wolf that side. They're there and I've just gone this way." Jake was subsequently snapped partying with Kaz's ex-boyfriend Tyler Cruishank and Liam Reardon.

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Sam Bird vs Georgia Steele

She's loyal, but she's also no stranger to an awkward encounter with her ex. Love Island 2018 stars Georgia Steel and Sam Bird left the villa hand in hand and even moved in together, but sadly split after Sam reportedly found texts from Georgia's ex-boyfriend on her phone, which led to a confession from Georgia. However, due to work commitments, the pair had a frosty reunion at a joint personal appearance at ATIK in Gloucester just weeks later.

Ellie Brown vs Charlie Brake15 of 15
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Ellie Brown vs Charlie Brake

Love Island season four stars Charlie Brake and Ellie Brown were another couple who didn't last on the outside. In one of the most explosive reunion shows ever, Ellie and Charlie had a huge fight during Love Island: The Christmas Reunion and Ellie claimed Charlie cheated on her. She fumed, "You're a liar, you're a compulsive liar", to which he replied, "Yeah. Sweet." They later agreed to be friendly during Celebrity Ex On The Beach in 2019.

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