Wait, is Inga Valentiner dating Made in Chelsea co-star’s ex?

He dated Yasmine Zweegers

Inga, Sam and Yas

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Seems to be a touch of musical chairs in the world of Made in Chelsea couples at the moment.

We all know that the Sam Prince and Yasmine Zweegers liaison made for quite the storyline when they hooked up in Corsica, and despite everyone's doubts and less than supportive comments Sam and Yas are still very much an item.

The love affair caused such controversy among the cast of MIC because Sam had JUST broken up with long-term girlfriend, Inga Valentiner, who also happened to be pals with Yas.

sam and inga
sam and inga split last year ©channel 4

Not only that but just twenty four hours prior, Yas was sharing a holiday romance with Sam's pal and business partner, Tristan Phipps.

Anyway, that was a few seasons back and now Yas and Sam appear to be an official couple; with their own podcast and everything.

Now it looks as though Yas's ex and Sam's ex have struck a potential new romance and it's giving major teen drama energy. Think Gossip Girl meets The O.C - wait, is that showing our age? How about Elite meets Outer Banks?

Anyway, we digress, Inga recently appeared on the Instagram story of Guy Connolly.

You know, Guy Connolly, the chap Yas dated back in the Spring of 2023 when she was flirting it up a storm with Miles Nazaire, WAY before snogging Sam Prince came on the scene.

©channel 4 - made in Chelsea

Inga bowed out of MIC when things started to become serious between Sam and Yas and although she never confirmed she had quit she has been noticeably absent for the past series.

Turns out she's enjoying some beach time with Guy. See? Outer Banks energy.

Sharing a video on his Instagram story, Inga was playing with a cute little doggo on the beach and filming said furry creature as Guy filmed the interaction.

Inga has been spending time with guy ©channel 4

Guy's social media is private atm so unless you're one of his 1800 followers you won't be able to catch their day out at the beach but trust us it is giving major date vibes complete with a gorge sunset and giggles from Inga.

Romance or not, we definitely ship this duo.

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