Made in Chelsea’s JJ Van Der Vliet: his age, job and Instagram

There will also be a Made in Chelsea: Bondi spin-off


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Who is ready for Made in Chelsea to go down under?

We bloody are; perhaps it'll stop the current bunch from rowing 24/7 and realise they are actually pals.

Although Maeva D'Ascanio uninviting Sam Prince to her and James Taylor's wedding only to then re-invite him but with some major ground rules made for some truly iconic TV. It's a shame Maeva won't be joining them in Sydney to keep him in check...

James and mauve
New parents Maeva and James won't be going to Australia ©channel 4

The Chelsea group that are heading down under is made up of a rogue bunch that includes exes Temps and Liv Bentley, as well as Sam Prince, who we thought nobody was friends with, and his current on/off/on again friend/lover Yasmine Zweegers.

Of course, our London babes don't know their way around the streets of Bondi so they will be joined by some fresh faces, and one of those ruggedly handsome faces belongs to JJ Van Der Vliet.

cast on mic Bondi
The newbies join our MIC regulars ©channel 4

Who is JJ Van Der Vliet?

JJ is one of five new Made in Chelsea cast members who will be introduced in MIC: Sydney and are sure to be key players in the Bondi spin-off.

How old is JJ Van Der Vliet?

He is 30 years old.

Where is JJ Van Der Vliet from?

We were genuinely shocked to discover JJ is an Aussie, but was born in the UK. He moved to Australia when he was seven years old due to his Dad’s work as a football coach.

He now lives in North Bondi but some of his fam are still in the UK (Surrey or Fulham), which is the PERFECT opportunity for him to rock up and appear in an ep or two of MIC.

©channel 4

What does JJ Van Der Vliet do?

The tall, dark and handsome newbie works in tech sales – sounds all very clever if you ask us.

In his spare time, JJ revealed he loves to keep fit. He believes you have to look the part and stay in shape if you want to keep up with the dating game in Bondi.


Does JJ Van Der Vliet have Instagram?

Yas, you can follow him at @JJVanDerVliet, although he only has ONE photo but he is also followed by Liv Bentley so we assume it's the real deal.

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