MAFS UK’s Georges Berthonneau lifts the lid on secret rule break

Married At First Sight UK 2023's Georges has revealed all

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We often forget that when you take part in a reality TV show it's not a free for all or the chance to do whatever the hell you fancy. Be it Married At First Sight or Love Island, there are often surprisingly strict rules and regs you must abide by.

When their fifteen minutes of fame is dwindling, the stars of these shows often come forward to open up about their experience, whether it their time in the villa, life as a newlywed or what REALLY goes down behind the scenes of Made in Chelsea.

Love Island 2022 bombshell Antigoni Buxton revealed a major rule she broke during her time in the villa and now a Married At First Sight UK groom is spilling the tea on the naughtiness of his co-stars.

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Georges Berthonneau was a guest on the latest episode of Lara on Eyre podcast where he chatted about his experience on MAFS 2023 including his relationship with 'wife' Peggy Rose, rule-breaking cast members and, erm, rimming.

Georges started by admitting that all of the other grooms would go out and not invite him, which is giving major mean boy energy - something Erica Roberts touched on in regards to her fellow brides.

"Terence [Edwards] invited me to stuff, but all the boys they go to events and they're close to each other whereas on the experiment I went to work on my relationship and myself," he explained.

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The irony is not lost on us that the one guy who was inviting him along is the same fella who felt the need to deny he was having an affair with Georges' partner Peggy.

"They're all out going to Box Park, getting drunk as a group, having fun," Georges continued before adding, "And then obviously the rules got broken, had to change and it could only be four people, or it could only be three people or it could only be two people from the same couple and all this nonsense."

But what rule was it that they were all breaking? Is it 2021 and are we still living life like Covid is rife? Is mixing couples a big no-no?

Peggy and georges
Pictured: Peggy & Georges ©channel 4

Georges previously spoke to The Sun about his fellow newlyweds and how he didn't enjoy their behaviour during the experiment.

"I’ve always been one to stick to the rules in the filming process but a lot of people didn’t. Loads of people were not listening to rules or protocols. For me it was quite frustrating," he said.

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