Big Brother UK winners: where are they now?

From Josie Gibson and Pete Bennett to, err, Cameron Stout

Big Brother winners Nadia Almada, Brian Belo and Josie Gibson

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If there was no Big Brother, we probably wouldn't have Made in Chelsea or Gogglebox - and Love Island certainly wouldn't exist either. Which means we would be unemployed right now – WOAH.

BB is the show that introduced the world to reality TV and changed our lives forever. We're not even exaggerating (for once).

The show was rebooted (yet again) by ITV in October 2023 and, frankly, it slapped, putting Channel 5 to shame.

While we patiently wait for ITV to drip feed us info about the hotly anticipated Celebrity Big Brother reboot, let's take a trip down memory lane and revisit all 20 Big Brother UK winners - from Josie Gibson and Pete Bennett to reigning champ, Jordan Sangha - and find out what they've been up to since appearing on the show.


Big Brother UK winners

Big Brother 1 winner Craig Phillips1 of 39

Craig Phillips - Big Brother 1 winner

Craig Phillips, a builder from Liverpool, made history back in 2000 when he won the first ever series of Big Brother and took home a cash prize of £70,000. Craig instantly became a national hero when he called out Nick Bateman - aka Nasty Nick - for trying to influence the nominations and only endeared the public even more when he revealed he was donating the prize money to his friend for a heart and lung transplant.

Craig Phillips and his wife Laura Sherriff2 of 39
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Craig Phillips now

After rising to fame, Craig went on to present a number of DIY programmes for BBC and ITV including Renovation Street and 60 Minute Makeover. He's also appeared on the likes of Bo' Selecta! and Back to Reality and even released a charity Christmas single.

Craig married his girlfriend of two years, Laura Sherriff, in 2018 and they welcomed a daughter called Nelly in March 2019 and a son called Lennon in December 2020.

Big Brother 2 winner Brian Dowling3 of 39

Brian Dowling - Big Brother 2 winner

Brian Dowling was a Ryanair flight attendant when he entered the Big Brother house in 2001, but since winning the show (and spin-off series Ultimate Big Brother in 2010) he's gone on to big things.

Brian Dowling4 of 39
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Brian Dowling now

Brian's presented on shows including SM Live and This Morning and, of course, took over from Davina McCall when Big Brother moved to Channel 5 in 2011. He now also hosts the reunion shows for The Real Housewives of Cheshire on ITVBe.

He married his husband Arthur Gourounlian in 2015 and they welcomed a daughter in September 2022 through a surrogate, Brian's sister Aiofe.

Big Brother 3 winner Kate Lawler5 of 39

Kate Lawler - Big Brother 3 winner

Kate Lawler was the first female winner of Big Brother, beating Jonny Regan and Alex Sibley in the final. However, she almost didn't make it to the final after breaking the rules twice and being one strike away from eviction.

Kate Lawler6 of 39
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Kate Lawler now

Since winning the show, Kate has worked as a radio DJ on Capital FM, Kerrang! Radio and Virgin Radio. She also hosted short-lived breakfast TV show RI and has appeared on reality shows like Celebrity Wrestling (yes, really) and Love Island (back when the contestants were all celebs). These days, Kate can often be found hosting the competitions on This Morning.

Kate met her husband Martin Bojtas at an awards ceremony in 2013 and then got engaged in 2018, before tying the knot in 2022. She gave birth to a daughter, Noa, in February 2021.

Big Brother 4 winner Cameron Stout7 of 39

Cameron Stout - Big Brother 4 winner

Fish trader Cameron Stout won Big Brother 4 with a whopping 500,000 more votes than runner-up Ray Shah in 2003.

Cameron Stout from Big Brother 4 now8 of 39
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Cameron Stout now

Cameron became a spokesperson for the Hall of Clestrain and host BBC Scotland's Teen Commandments with Edith Bowman after winning Big Brother.

He later qualified as a primary teacher and returned to his hometown of Orkney in 2010, seven years after the show. He also launched the island's first escape room and hosts a BBC radio show.

Big Brother 5 winner Nadia Almada9 of 39

Nadia Almada - Big Brother 5 winner

After an explosive series (remember Fight Night?), Nadia Almada made history as the first ever transgender winner of Big Brother. Nadia, who is originally from Portugal, secured 74 per cent of the overall vote and won £63,500.

Nadia Almada10 of 39
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Nadia Almada now

Nadia was fast-tracked to fame after winning BB and released a single titled A Little Bit of Action (which reached number 27 in the charts). She also appeared on Hollyoaks and released her own workout video. Following a series of reality TV appearances, including Trust Me... I'm A Holiday Rep, Nadia appeared on Ultimate Big Brother in 2010 and was evicted on day 11. She now works in hair and beauty.

Big Brother 6 winner Anthony Hutton11 of 39

Anthony Hutton - Big Brother 6 winner

Geordie lad Anthony Hutton, who worked as a 70s dancer and trainee barber, won Big Brother 6 in 2005. He was only 23 at the time. His time in the house is probably best remembered for a steamy hot tub party with Makosi Musambasi, which left her thinking she was pregnant.

Anthony Hutton and his wife Sophie12 of 39
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Anthony Hutton now

These days, Anthony still works as a barber and runs a barber's shop/cocktail bar called Mr Huttons. He's also a proud dad to a son called Cruz and is married to his wife Sophie.

Big Brother 7 winner Pete Bennett13 of 39

Pete Bennett - Big Brother 7 winner

We have to admit Big Brother 7 is one of our fave series of the reality show, partially because it introduced us to iconic winner Pete Bennett. Pete, who has Tourette's Syndrome, won the show with over 61 per cent of the vote and was catapulted into the spotlight alongside then-girlfriend Nikki Grahame.

Pete Bennett14 of 39
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Pete Bennett now

Pete released an autobiography, became the lead singer of a band and even performed at Glastonbury. He launched a cleaning company called Celebriclean in 2016, before a huge career change. Pete became an actor and even filmed a scene for Catherine Tate's Nan: The Movie. Sadly, his cameo was left on the cutting room floor.

Big Brother 8 winner Brian Belo15 of 39

Brian Belo - Big Brother 8 winner

Cheeky Essex chappy Brian Belo was crowned the winner of Big Brother 8. At the time, he was famed for claiming not to know who William Shakespeare was (oh, Brian).

Brian Belo16 of 39
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Brian Belo now

After winning the show, Brian went on to appear on a bucketload of TV shows including Hollyoaks, Dead Set and Coach Trip.

In 2013, Brian reached a settlement with the bosses of TOWIE after claiming that he had originally developed the idea. He returned to Big Brother two years later as part of their 'Time Warp' twist, but left by climbing out of the house after clashing with Big Brother 15 winner Helen Wood (more on her later).

Big Brother 9 winner Rachel Rice17 of 39

Rachel Rice - Big Brother 9 winner

Trainee teacher and actress Rachel Rice won Big Brother 9, triumphing over Mikey Hughes and Sara Folino.

Big Brother 9 winner Rachel Rice and her husband18 of 39
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Rachel Rice now

Rachel has largely shunned fame and has gone back to her career as a teacher. She currently teaches performing arts at a school in Wales. Rachel married her husband Richard in 2011 and they have two sons, Lachlan and Caleb.

Big Brother 10 winner Sophie Reade19 of 39

Sophie Reade - Big Brother 10 winner

Glamour model Sophie Reade received the highest percentage of votes for a winner in Big Brother history when she won series 10 after changing her name to 'Dogface'.

Sophie Reade20 of 39
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Sophie Reade now

Following her big win, Sophie became the face of Ann Summers and continued her modelling career. In 2017, she welcomed a son called Walter who she shares with footballer David Goodwillie. They split while she was pregnant.

Big Brother 11 winner Josie Gibson21 of 39

Josie Gibson - Big Brother 11 winner

Bristolian babe Josie Gibson stole the hearts of the nation (and Aussie hunk John James Parton) when she won Big Brother 11, the last Channel 4 series of the show. She immediately re-entered the house for Ultimate Big Brother, alongside show legends like Chantelle Houghton, Michelle Bass and Coolio, but quit on day three.

Josie Gibson 22 of 39
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Josie Gibson now

Josie's now a regular on This Morning alongside her bestie Alison Hammond (oh, how we'd love a night out with those two) and has also appeared on Loose Women, Dinner Date and The Jump. She's mum to a four-year-old son called Reggie, who shares with her ex-partner Terry.

Aaron Allard-Morgan after winning Big Brother23 of 39

Aaron Allard-Morgan - Big Brother 12 winner

Aaron-Allard Morgan was the first Big Brother winner after the show moved over to Channel 5. He worked as a contracts manager before appearing on the show.

Aaron Allard-Morgan24 of 39
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Aaron Allard-Morgan now

Aaron used his winnings to open a bar in his hometown of Weston-super-Mare. The bar offered a platform for young people to gain qualifications and apprenticeships, but it seems that it's now closed.

Big Brother 13 winner Luke Anderson25 of 39
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Luke Anderson - Big Brother 13 winner

Luke Anderson, who was born in South Africa but raised in Wales, was the first trans man to win Big Brother.

Luke Anderson26 of 39
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Luke Anderson now

Since winning the show, Luke's opened a bakery called Cravin with his wife Jamie-Lee. In October 2022, Luke opened up about how rising costs had affected his business and admitted that he was struggling to keep his business open after his electricity bill quadrupled.

Luke and Jamie-Lee are also parents to twins, Arthur and Sophia, who were born in 2017.

Big Brother 14 winner Sam Evans27 of 39

Sam Evans - Big Brother 14 winner

Big Brother 14 winner Sam Evans, who was born with hearing difficulties, vowed to donate 25 per cent of his £100,000 prize money to charity upon winning the show. He worked in Debenhams before the show and it was reported at the time that he was hoping to return to his pre-fame job.

Sam Evans28 of 39
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Sam Evans now

According to his X bio, Sam is an ambassador for Welsh football charity The FAW Trust and it also appears that he runs a footwear business called iShoes.

Big Brother 15 winner Helen Wood29 of 39

Helen Wood - Big Brother 15 winner

Helen had already hit the headlines for claiming to have had a threesome with Wayne Rooney when she was a sex worker before finding fame on Big Brother. Although she was a controversial character on the show, Helen went on to win.

Helen Wood 30 of 39
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Helen Wood now

Helen returned to Big Brother a year later for the 'Time Warp' twist, where she clashed with the likes of Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, Brian Belo and Nikki Grahame. She's mostly stayed out of the limelight since then, deactivating her Instagram and making her Twitter account private.

Big Brother 16 winner Chloe Wilburn31 of 39

Chloe Wilburn - Big Brother 16 winner

Chloe Wilburn was 25 when she won Big Brother 16 back in 2015, beating the likes of Danny Wisker and Joel Williams in the final.

Chloe Wilburn 32 of 39
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Chloe Wilburn now

Two years after winning Big Brother, she got engaged to her partner Dom and welcomed a son called Vinnie. As well as being a mum to Vinnie, Chloe works as a dog groomer and runs clothing company Surgery Sisters which sells post-surgery garments.

Big Brother 17 winner Jason Burrill33 of 39

Jason Burrill - Big Brother 17 winner

The Valleys icon Lateysha Grace was one of the favourites to win Big Brother 17, but it was actually Jason Burrill who triumphed after choosing to eliminate Lateysha in a shock twist. He'd already bagged £20,000 of the prize money before winning the show and vowed to invest the £90,000 prize in his property business.

Jason Burrill34 of 39
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Jason Burrill now

According to his Instagram bio, Jason works as a philanthropist, actor and businessman.

Big Brother 18 winner Isabelle Warburton35 of 39

Isabelle Warburton - Big Brother 18 winner

Fake tan fanatic Isabelle Warburton was crowned the winner of Big Brother 18, beating out runner-up Raph Korine.

Isabelle Warburton36 of 39
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Isabelle Warburton now

Isabelle became a mum in 2021 when she welcome a baby boy called Eric, who she shares with her partner Mike Chung. She also owns her own salon and runs a nail polish company.

Big Brother 19 winner Cameron Cole37 of 39

Cameron Cole - Big Brother 19 winner

Cameron Cole became the youngest Big Brother winner when he won the show aged just 18 in 2018.

Cameron Cole38 of 39
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Cameron Cole now

Cameron is currently studying psychology at Goldsmiths University in London.

jordan sangha39 of 39
CREDIT: Shutterstock for Big Brother

jordan sangha

Jordan Sangha was crowned the winner of ITV's rebooted version of the reality telly staple, and honestly, long may he reign. Since the show wrapped he is officially coupled up with his housemate and Henry Southan and we are still obsessed with the pair of them.

WATCH the Big Brother reunion we've all been waiting for! 🙌🏼

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