Is Love Island on tonight?

It's a daily concern

Is Love Island on tonight

by Eden-Olivia Lord |

Life's hard. Jobs are hard. Relationships are hard. Friendships are hard. Family is hard. Socialising is hard. Staying on top of health and fitness is hard (that's really hard). There's plenty for us to worry about in this complicated world of ours; the last thing we need to start worrying about on the commute home is the possibility of Love Island NOT being on tonight.

The worst of the sinking feelings.

Luckily, Love Island is well and truly back on our screens, so you can take a deep breath. As will we.

But is it on every night? How long is it on for? Is it always on at the same time? Let's take it question by question.

We'll get through this together.

When did Love Island 2022 start?

Love Island returned to our screens for its eighth season on Monday 6 June 2022 and boy did it come back with a bang. It was that evening that we met Love Island S8 OG's Paige Thorne, Dami Hope, Indiyah Polack, Liam Llewellyn, Tasha Ghouri, Davide Sanclimenti, Gemma Owen, Ikenna Ekwonna, Andrew Le Page, Amber Beckford, and Luca Bish.

We totally get why last year's season had to be tweaked slightly, but it's nice to return to some normality this year - whatever that means when it comes to Love Island.

Love Island girls
the love island 2022 girls ©ITV

When does Love Island 2022 finish?

We don't like to dwell on such negativity.

We're all about the present moment here at heat, and right now, Love Island is very much ON.

We actually couldn't tell you, for sure, even if we wanted to, as ITV hasn't officially announced a finale date. That being said, host Laura Whitmore has previously said that the season will run for eight weeks, which means Love Island Season 8 is likely to finish on 1 August.

And then all we have to do is wait a few months for Winter Love Island to heat up our screens. Right, ITV?

Sadly, we're still in the dark on this one, too. Getting a straight answer out of ITV bosses is harder than Davide's abs.

Davide Love Island
gemma, davide, tasha and andrew ©ITV

What days does Love Island come on?

Okay, yay, some good news. Love Island is on every weekday and every Sunday. Unfortunately, there's no Love Island on Saturdays, but they do air Love Island: Unseen Bits which shows the less dramatic parts from the villa.

HOWEVER Saturday episodes are full of laughter and basically show what the Islanders get up to during 'down time' aka when they're not pulling each other for chats.

What time is Love Island on?

The easy answer to that is 9pm. But here's a snapshot of your average Love Island week for those who like to physically block out their diaries (US). Seriously; we've cancelled dates, birthdays, weddings...

Saturday: Love Island: Unseen Bits: 9pm - 10.05pm

Sunday: Love Island: 9pm - 10pm

Sunday: Love Island: Aftersun: 10pm - 11.05pm

Monday: Love Island: 9pm - 10.05pm

Tuesday: Love Island: 9pm - 10.05pm

Wednesday: 9pm - 10.05pm

Thursday: Love Island: 9pm - 10.05pm

Friday: Love Island: 9pm - 10.05pm

In other words, Love Island is on every night and you should cancel all your plans henceforth.

Love Island fire pit
a love island recoupling in 2022 ©ITV

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1. Alcohol

It is suggested that one of Love Island's main rules is that contestants follow the strict alcohol policy.Eyal Booker from Series four of Love Island exclusively told Closer about the villa's very strict drinks policy.When asked about how much the Islanders were allowed to drink, he told us, "it was very, very limited. Max two glasses of wine a night and that's max!"

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