Love Island’s Tasha Ghouri shows off natural hair and it’s SO LONG

The colour's hella different too...

Tasha Ghouri

by Neve Durrant |

After Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page’s shocking recoupling on Thursday night, this week of Love Island has definitely delivered the drama we’ve all been waiting for.

Casa Amor not only showed us that most men are still trash but also some serious girl power with the OG girls’ getting sassier than ever… cue Tasha screaming “The Casa girls can f*** off!”. Savage.

Tasha has been serving some looks both in the main villa and Casa Amor, with her Barbie look for the dance challenge catching Luca Bish’s eye – “Tasha ain’t like the M25, she can move!”, along with some show-stopping bikinis and an impeccable dress sense.

While Tasha’s Instagram is full of stunning snaps of her living her best life, there’s also a message behind all the glamour. Tasha’s best friends, who are running her Instagram while she’s in the villa, took to social media to show off her 'superpower', her cochlear implant. They have since reposted a TikTok from Tasha, where she explains that she wants to ‘fight the stigmas and the label around disabilities’.

Speaking of Insta, we’ve had a little stalk and despite Tasha looking like a natural blonde, her natural hair colour is actually a mousey brown and SOO long.

In a Q&A on her stories, someone asked 'Is blonde your natural hair colour?', to which Tasha's account responded with an old snap of her showing off her long dark locks, where she wrote: “It’s not! Mousey brown it is. This also used to be my natural length.”

We are obsessed.

Tasha is also unrecognisable in an Instagram post from October last year, where she’s sporting a black wig from Lullabelz (£69).

Some fans praised the new look and wrote 'Wow she looks so much like Maura here. Black hair really suits her!, whilst others commented 'Pulp Fiction vibes'.

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