Casa Amor’s Summer breaks silence over ‘hurtful’ 4/10 comments in the villa

It was recently claimed that one of the Islanders were branded a 4/10

Love Island Summer

by Ben Pulsford |

Toxic vibes not welcome here, so picture us somewhat peeved at having to report this type of Love Island story on a Monday.

Dumped bombshell Summer Botwe has opened up about the alleged "hurtful" comments made about her gal pal Coco Lodge by one of the Love Island 2022 boys. Speaking on The Murad Merali Podcast, Coco recently admitted, "There was comments made when the filming was off that I was a four out of 10 by some of the boys."

When asked who made the comment, Coco responded, "I don’t know who said it, Summer heard it."

Naturally, this got a lot of tongues wagging, with Love Island fans desperate to know the identify of the boy (or boys) who made the comment.

Summer recently took to her TikTok for a Q&A, during which one fan asked her to clarify the rumours that she knew which boy made the comment, asking, "Who was the one who called Coco a 4/10 👀".

Summer responded, "I'm going to address this question because I've had so many questions on it.

"But I don't know what boy actually said it. I heard this comment through Paige, who was telling Gemma, so I don't actually know who said it."

The TikTok comments seem to be erratically pointing fingers left right and centre, so it's safe to say we're not going to know the identity of said boy (and the full story to go with it) until after the final now (if at all). Either way, if it was said – ick. Let's do better.

Like many Casa girls before her, Coco found herself wedged in between one of the series' strongest couples - Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page – and gave off actual cartoon villainess vibes (unlike Andrew 🙄) when she found herself rejected and the holder of the "I sucked her tit or whatever" information that unfortunately will forever be etched into our minds.

However, since Coco has left the villa (she was dumped from the island after she found herself in the bottom three girls and voted out by the public), it's become apparent that her time in the villa was incredibly tough, especially as she revealed that she had a "real, genuine connection" with Andrew and told him not to bring her back in the villa if there was any chance he was going to get back with Tasha.

A lot of people seem to forget that these people are real people with hearts and feelings.

Tbh, we really feel for Coco, even more so after her recent chat with Murad Merali, where she explained the extent of the trolling that she had received since leaving the villa, the cruel comments that were made whilst she was in the villa and the savage way she was portrayed on the show.

Coco also spoke out about the wave of online negativity on her Instagram page, writing, "Coming out the villa I was greeted by a vile amount of nasty tweets and TikTok’s about my appearance.

"It was really damaging initially but I will bounce back more resilient 💪 I’ll never be good enough if I judge my selfworth on a strangers opinion.

"Thank you to everyone I’ve met and who has messaged me with kind empowering words and who was fighting these comments when I was in the villa ❤️ And for those others this is your reminder to  #bekind #selflovejourney."

Summer Botwe
Summer ©ITV ©©ITV

Casa Amor bombshell Summer (who had a fling with Dami in Casa Amor, which almost put an end to his romance with Indiyah) was dumped from the Island on Wednesday evening (20 July), alongside Billy. Spilling the tea on her time in Casa Amor in her exit interview, Summer said, "I was absolutely buzzing, walking into Casa with the girls, we were all bad bi*ches, we all went in there and did what we had to do.

"It was so much fun at Casa, during the whole Casa experience we were all just absolutely buzzing and had the best time there. I’ve met some lovely girls that will be my friends for life."

Summer Dami Love Island

When asked whether she thought her and Dami had a chance on the outside, she revealed, "Yeah definitely so, the way we were at Casa I am sure everyone saw that me and Dami were quite close so it gave me an inkling as to maybe I do have a shot at getting to know him and progressing further.

"When he made his choice to get back with Indiyah I was upset in the moment but I moved forward, took each day as it came and was positive about it."

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