Shaughna Phillips breaks silence after fans speculate she’s pregnant

Does the Love Island star really have a baby on the way?

Shaughna Phillips

by Asher Brandon |

Shaughna Phillips made quite a name for herself when she appeared on the sixth series of Love Island back in 2020.

Whilst she didn't have much luck in love and was booted from the show, she still managed to become a fan favourite and has even launched a collection with In The Style.

Shaughna's very active on social media and even recently she had a bit of beef with fellow Love Island star Maura Higgins, regarding comments she made about Molly-Mae Hague.

Not just that but now the Islander has been the subject of pregnancy rumours regarding her views on vaccinations for pregnant women,

The reality star wrote on Twitter, "And before anyone (men) tell me what I can and can’t do whilst being pregnant, the only side effect I had with all jabs, was a change in my period.

"SO MANY WOMEN have had changes to their cycle from the jab, WHY ARE WE NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT?"

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Leanne Amaning

After failing to find love in the villa (she famously got the 'ick' whilst with Mike Boateng), Leanne's time on the island was cut relatively short in a cruel dumping.

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Her tweet received a lot of responses including one of her followers who wrote, "... congratulations on your pregnancy".

Shaughna was quick to clear up any confusion by tweeting, "Omg I’m not pregnant! 😂😂 deffo my fault for poor wording!"

She then again made it clear that she's definitely not having a baby, "I’m not pregnant and I worded this horrendously 😂 *hypothetical pregnancy".

Shaughna has recently been in the news after she weighed in on the comments Molly-Mae made in a clip from her appearance on The Diary of a CEO podcast.

Molly-Mae was criticised for saying that "everyone has the same 24 hours in a day", as many read her comments as "tone death" and disregarding the complexities of social inequality.

After a clip of the interview went viral, Shaughna took to Twitter to express her own thoughts on Molly-Mae's comments.

She tweeted, "Molly Mae is young, who's had a lot of success really quickly, and not a lot of 'life'. So I can understand why she holds those views.

"We all say things when we're younger and look back and think 'well that was stupid' lol. No shade, I wanna live in her bubble.'"

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However Shaughna's tweet resulted in Molly-Mae's bestie and fellow Love Island 2019 star Maura Higgins wading in.

Maura responded and wrote, "Surely you know as someone in this industry how lonely and scary it can be when the whole internet is slamming you.

"You're entitled to your opinion yes but I'm really surprised you commenting on this at all."

Shaughna then immediately replied back and said, "100%! That's why I tweeted this in her defence. She's young and successful, it's not her fault she has those views. Like I said, no shade, just jel lol."

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