Love Island’s Callum Jones reveals which All Stars he still speaks to and it’s a BURN

He recently split from Eve Gale

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It has been long enough now that the cast of the most recent series of Love Island - which was the iconic All Stars spin off no less - are more than happy to rip into their co-stars and reveal who they liked and who they despised.

OK, so despised is a bit of a stretch as no such language has been used but it's not hard to read between the lines and work out what the former Islanders REALLY think of each other by their passive aggression.

The latest reality TV cutie to chat about his time on the dating show is Callum Jones, who was originally on Love Island 2020 and returned as a bombshell for the All Stars series.

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Callum opened up to Love Island 2019 icon 'Storm' Anna Vakili and her sis, Mandi, on their podcast, Sisters in the City, where he chatted about his second time in the villa and the girlies asked him all our burning questions.

The sisters quizzed Callum about who his 'least favourite couple' was on All Stars and while it's not exactly a surprise who he picked it seems so much more scathing coming from the often calm and collected Callum.

"Obviously with the Georgia and Toby thing, I'd say them," he confessed referring to Georgia Steel and Toby Aromolaran who, shock, shock horror, have also broken up since leaving the villa.

callum and georgia
callum and Georgia ©itv

Callum was matched with Georgia for a hot sec during his All Stars stint but she played him and Toby like the fiddle which led Callum to shade Georgia in the most iconic way as he muttered, "I thought you were loyal babe."

"I've seen her out, I've not spoken to her though," he revealed, "I've said 'Hello' to her when I've seen her. I mean it was a show wasn't it, I don't hold grudges."

The break-ups that have come out of All Stars may potentially be the messiest Love Island has ever seen.

Although Callum came in second place alongside Jess Gale, the duo split shortly after the show ended with Jess shading the scaffolder left, right and centre, revealing, "We don’t speak now and I guess a line has been drawn under that."

callum and jess
callum and jess ©itv

As for Georgia and Toby, that was one hell of a public feud and don't even get us started to what the hell went down with Georgia Harrison and Anton Danyluk.

It turns out you really can't come back from 'the ick'.


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