Love Island: Ella Thomas and Tyrique Hyde ‘reunite’ and the date looks SPENNY

Ty also posted about forgiveness, so...

Ella Thomas and Tyrique Hyde looking happy

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Seriously, Love Island 2023 couples are like bloody light switches; first Molly Marsh and Zach Noble are apparently getting back together (our Moll was spotted supporting Zach at the London Marathon earlier this month) and now Ella Thomas and Tyrique Hyde have seemingly been spotted out and about together on what looks like a very expensive date, just weeks after they split.

A little context for the benefit of those who don't live and breathe celebrity love lives as we do; Love Island 2023 finalists Ella and Tyrique finished the series in third place (a travesty) and continued their relationship IRL for a good few months until they split towards the end of the year.

Tyrique and Ella
Tyrique and Ella ©(Photo by MEGA/GC Images)

While the couple haven't exactly been transparent about the ups and downs of their relationship, social media has spoken for itself. Back in February – after giving it yet another go – Tyrique shared an image which read, "Don't cry over spilt milk," and, sorry, nothing screams 'break up' like passive aggressive/clichéd/inspirational memes, quotes and captions. Trust us.

They were then both MIA on each other's socials for several weeks – another telltale sign in the world of celebs. Rumours then began flying that the pair had split for good, allegedly over how much they argued (which after watching them night after night last summer isn't the biggest of shocks, let's be honest – lest we forget Ella Barnes and the Battle of the Ellas), before Ella confirmed they were no longer an item.

*Turns light switch on* However, the former couple have sparked newfound speculation that they may be back together YET AGAIN after they both shared Snapchat stories revealing that that they were shopping at Selfridges in London at the same time this weekend. Tyrique even captioned his video, "Forgive".

We know we clutch at straws sometimes here at heat, but we don't exactly have to try hard here...

Ella and Tyrique
Ella and Tyrique ©(Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images for Hilton)

This is the first time the pair have appeared on one another's social media pages since their alleged split earlier this year, so watch this space and all that.

Ella and Tyrique joined on Love Island on day one of Love Island 2023 and bonded QUICKLY. While there was ups and downs – including an Ouzy See-shaped one in Casa Amor – they finished their Love Island journey in third place and stronger than ever.

Seriously, Ty even mentioned Ella in his rap he performed at the talent show with Whitney, which was probably the best act in Love Island's talent show history.

Ella and Tyrique in the Love Island villa
Ella and Tyrique in the Love Island villa ©ITV

Remember "Bad b's come in all shapes and sizes, my ones 5ft 7 and stylish. Slim with back, I like it. Yeah, her smile is the brightest"?

Of course you do.

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