EXCLUSIVE: Love Island’s Mehdi and Mal expose ‘underdog’ who could WIN show

Said 'underdog' has ruffled a few feathers in the villa

Love Island's Kady and Zach looking shocked at the fire pit

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Honestly, Love Island's Mehdi Edno and Mal Nicol (Mal used to work at heat, btw – have we hammered that one home hard enough yet?) are the surprise platonic Love Island 2023 duo we never realised we needed in our lives.

They're sexy chalk and cheese and together, somehow, they just work so well. And luckily for the British press, they got dumped from the villa at the same time so have been doing the media rounds together this week – which, of course, means paying us and our very own Harriet Rose a visit for an episode of our YouTube series, heat Dates.

Mal very possibly still had her pass to get in the building.

Mehdi and Mal
Mehdi and Mal ©©ITV Plc

The dazzling duo were grilled on, well, pretty much everything by Harriet during a quick triple date in our studio and one surprising thing to come out of the tea-spilling party was a little theory about one Mitch Taylor.

If you're watching the series religiously (people aren't?) then you already know that Mitch has been giving the following vibes since day one: aggressive golden retriever, fast-mover, occasional 'snake' (but, like, a friendly Pixar one) and gossipmonger. One thing he hasn't been giving – in our opinion – is winner. But, apparently, that's not the vibe in the villa. Interesting.

According to Mehdi and Mal, now that Mitch appears to have found a solid match with blonde Casa Amor bombshell Abi Moores, he's now giving off "underdog" winner vibes. Explain...

Mitch by fire pit
Mitch ©©ITV Plc

Speaking about Mitch's journey and where he's at post Casa, Mal admitted, "[Casa Amor] was a confidence boost for him," adding, "Mitch is like underdog vibes".

Speaking of Mitch and Abi as a couple, Mehdi dropped an explosive theory, "They could be [surprise winners]. He's a fan favourite now", adding, "I think they'll probably be getting married next week".

To be fair, Mitch does move fast af and seems the type to have packed an engagement ring in his suitcase with him – you know, just in case.

Abi and Mitch
Abi and Mitch ©©ITV Plc

Mitch has had an eventful journey in the Love Island 2023 villa so far. He joined the show as an OG on day one and immediately found himself magnetised to Molly Marsh (and she to him, tbf). Molly then pied him off for Zach Noble, so Mitch moved on to bestie Jess Harding, who also pied him off.

He then repeated the process with virtually every blonde-ish girl in the villa before being left single and free for Casa Amor, where he met Abi.

Best buy a hat then.

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