The REAL reason Liv Bentley has quit Made in Chelsea

OG MIC star Ollie Locke left the series last year

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We never wanted to be the ones to type such words about a Made in Chelsea icon but it looks as though Olivia Bentley has said goodbye to Kings Road. At least for the time being anyway and thats's enough for us to shed a tear.

where is liv at, please? ©channel 4 - made in Chelsea

The cast of Made in Chelsea are back on UK soil after gallivanting around Mauritius for the new season (casual).

The likes of Sam Prince, his current bae Yasmine Zweegers and model newbie Freddy Knatchbull were constantly sharing sunny snaps on their social media account but it didn't take us long to clock that certain MIC veterans were noticeably absent.

Although his bestie Temps was on the Mauritius trip, Miles Nazaire wasn't, he however has been busy skating up a storm on Dancing on Ice, but what about Olivia?

Turns out she also has a valid reason, too. Kind of.

Bella, Liv, Willow, Yasmine and Ruby
Bella, Liv, Willow, Yasmine and Ruby ©channel 4 - made in Chelsea

A source has revealed that Liv is "taking a step back for now," and we don't recall authorising such a move.

The Sun has reported that she is "taking a short but well-earned break from the series to focus on her business – JOMO."

The fan favourite has been part of the poshest show in reality TV since 2016 and although the show is Liv's only focus, we never thought she'd say goodbye to the reality TV show.

As well as being a photographer, Liv is the co-founder of wellness brand JOMO London and has just started working with Clarins Skin Care on a Channel 4 campaign and apparently that's her focus at the moment – we totally get it but we aren't exactly thrilled about the concept.

liv bentley
Olivia. ©channel 4 - made in Chelsea

Admittedly, a whole bunch of the SW3 cast have jobs outside of the show; Sam P and Harvey Armstrongown a drinks company together - when they're talking to each other that is - and Reza Amiri-Garroussi is the owner of a sunglasses brand.

To be fair, Liv has been at the forefront of some seriously dramatic MIC storylines and the demise of her relationship with Tristan Phipps played out before our very eyes last year, so we don't blame the longest serving member from taking a break.

Tristan and liv
Tristan and liv split last year ©channel 4 - made in Chelsea

It also turns out that SIX new cast members will be joining the Bluebird loving babes and we don't know if we have it in us to remember all their names. Perhaps they could wear name badges – that would be super helpful.

The Channel 4 source added that they "look forward to welcoming her [Liv] back to the show later this year," and we think we can all agree that is code for she will not be returning anytime soon.

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