Made in Chelsea: Liv Bentley reveals show regret after quitting for rival show

“I had no right to go in on you… the one who I had the issue with was my ex.”


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The new series of Made in Chelsea is in full swing, but one person is noticeably absent.

The show's longest running cast member, Liv Bentley, said 'so long, London' at the end of the last season and honestly we're barely coping.

Liv was a key character in the world of MIC and it was a hard enough blow when Ollie and Gareth Locke-Locke left, let alone Olivia too.

But left she has and although Liv revealed she will be taking the time to focus on her sexual health and wellbeing brand, JoMo, the reality TV star has also appeared on a few podcasts here and there.

liv has some regrets ©channel 4

Besides taking over from Jamie Laing on the Private Parts podcast, Liv also stopped by and chatted to her former MIC pals; Yasmine Zweegers and Sam Prince on their very own show, All Things Deliciousss.

During their chat, Liv touched on her favourite parts of her time on Made in Chelsea as well as some mistakes during her eight-year stint.

yas and sam
yas and sam ©channel 4

Liv and Yas of course had a run-in during the Corsica series when Yas hooked up with Liv's ex, Tristan Phipps and it turns out Liv has some regrets about that.

"I had no right to go in on you," Liv confessed as she recalled their argument. "There was no reason behind it."

Although they weren't CLOSE, close, Liv was still hurt to discover Yas and Tristan had been having a holiday fling but hindsight is 20/20.

"The one who was the issue was the ex," she added. "But because he wasn't there..."

Eeek, that's you Tristan, if you are reading this.

mic girls
Bella, Liv, Willow, Yasmine and Ruby ©channel 4

It's clearly water under the bridge for the girlies as they are back on talking terms, now that Yas is all loved-up with Sam and Liv has moved on with her life.

As well as hosting Private Parts, Liv was recently recruited by Sidemen for their new project Inside, along with the always chaotic Love Island finalist, Chloe Burrows.

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