EXCLUSIVE: MAFS UK’s Erica calls out ‘nasty’ co-star ahead of ‘heated’ reunion episode

Erica Roberts is part of an 'intruder' couple with Jordan Gayle

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So this year's series of Married At First Sight is a bit boring, ain't it?


Dare we say it is more entertaining than the Aussie counterpart that everybody was obsessed with earlier on this year?

We didn't think anything could top secret phone calls, swapping couples and x-rated FaceTime chats, but then Brad Skelly was booted off the show for being 'controlling,' and Terence Edwards quit the experiment after his bride snogged the other grooms during a game of spin the bottle.

Can't believe that's an actual genuine sentence about an adult couple, by the way.


That is honestly about one percent of the absolute chaos our MAFS 2023 hopefuls have been involved in since the show returned in September.

The drama sky-rocketed when 'intruder' couples were introduced into the social experiment with Erica Roberts and her 'husband' Jordan Gayle butting heads with some of their co-stars.

We recently caught up with the Scottish dancer where she opened up about her fellow bride and grooms and spilled the tea on a certain Essex lad she deemed, "a nasty piece of work."

erica and jordan
Jordan and Erica ©channel 4

Erica and Jordan found themselves in hot water with another couple, Luke Worley and Jay Howard, when they called out Luke for making comments they didn't think were particularly complimentary about his 'wife,' Jay.

Long story short, Luke confronted Jordan with his, erm, fists and Luke ended up being axed from MAFS.

Of course, when we had the chance to catch up with Erica we asked her whether or not she had spoken to Luke or Jay after what went down.

"Well, we filmed a reunion which is going to air at the end of the last few episodes and we've seen them at the reunion," she explained, "Me and Jay are absolutely fine. I always had a good friendship with her on the show and you see that when she does stick up for me at the spa."

mafs cast on the sofa
erica clashed with Tasha but is still friends with jay ©channel 4

"She was the one that did take time to get to know me. That's where she stood up for me and was like, 'I've actually taken a minute to get to know her and I can tell you I don't get them vibes at all.' So me and her. We're fine."

However, the same cannot be said for Jay's designated partner, Luke and seeing as he punched her fella in the face, we understand her stance.

"Luke," Erica began, "he tried to put his two pence in at the reunion. I think him and Jordan ended up having a heated discussion again."

More heated than when Luke practically knocked the door down on his way to confront Jordan? Surely not.

"I will never be okay with him," Erica continued, "I will never have respect for him or want anything to do with him. I think he's a nasty piece of work."

Between this year's series of MAFS, the Big Brother reboot and the carnage that is Made in Chelsea, we are living our reality TV dream rn and will not be taking calls at this time.

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