Love Island’s Sammy Root teases next TV move and it sounds BRUTAL

Sammy won Love Island 2023 this summer alongside ex girlfriend Jess Harding

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He's a strong contender for shortest relationship between a Love Island winning couple, previously admitting he was blindsided by his sudden breakup with Jess Harding, but apparently that wasn't enough brutality for Sammy Root.

The Essex lad won Love Island 2023 alongside Jess after beating fan faves Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nowacki, but just three months later they splitand honestly nobody was all that surprised; they didn't exactly have the smoothest of Love Island journeys.

It turns out that Sammy is a glutton for punishment as during a recent Q&A on his Instagram he revealed what other TV shows he would like to try out.

Jess and Sammy from Love Island
Jess Harding and Sammy Root ©Getty Images (Photo by Joe Maher/WireImage)

People often respond with the likes of Strictly Come Dancing or, like Sammy's fellow Islander 'Messy' Mitch Taylor, perhaps even Big Brother, but not our Sammy. He went for the harshest reality show out there: SAS: Who Dares Wins.

A follower quizzed him, "Would you do any other TV shows? What show would you love to try?"

Sammy replied, "I'd defo consider doing another one, I enjoyed TV 🤣 My top 3 would probs be @imacelebrity, @dancingonice, @sas_whodareswins."

He knows that hair gel and curling cream would be a no-go in the jungle, right?

sammy root insta

Not Sammy tagging the official Instagram accounts of the shows just in case the casting agents and producers have notifications on for potential Love Island contestants making their interest known.

As well as Celeb SAS, Sammy mentioned I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! and Dancing on Ice, the latter of which his pal and Made in Chelsea lothario Miles Nazaire is currently taking part in.

Didn't fancy dabbling in baking and going for GBBO then, Sammy? Apparently he'd rather munch on some bugs, which is probably safer judging by how his cooking on Love Island went.

sammy and whitney
It's probably a good thing sammy wants to stay away from the kitchen ©itv

heatworld previously caught up with Sammy – who btw wasn't shamelessly promoting anything, just happy to have a chin-wag, which we kind of love – to discuss all sorts, including his 'passionate' post-villa job.

When we asked Sammy about his upcoming work, he stressed that he "loves doing charity work", in fact, it's always been a "passion" of his. As such, he plans to use his new following to help charities like Dogs Trust and Mind.

Sammy Root
Love Island winner Sammy Root ©Love Island winner Sammy Root

"I love doing charity work. It’s always been a passion of mine and my family have always been quite big on charity," he told us.

"Since I’ve got a much bigger following now, I can use that to do some more. I’m going to Dogs Trust on Wednesday.

"I am brainstorming at the moment to do a little challenge for myself, to raise money for charity. I’m not sure what yet. I’ll be doing something soon. I’d like to do the challenge for Mind – the mental health charity. I’ve got a bit of history with friends and family who have struggled. It’s quite a passion for me to do something along those lines."

Not an Islander using their newfound powers for good instead of evil ❤️.

Sammy Root
Love Island winner Sammy Root ©Love Island winner Sammy Root

Sammy also revealed that he's been working on his own brand behind the scenes, teasing an exciting new product launch coming VERY soon.

He told us, "It’s unisex, it’s going to be amazing. I can’t say too much on it. It’s something I’m passionate about and always wanted to do. I’ve been working on it since I’ve been out [of the villa] and I’m excited for it to be released. [The announcement will drop] within a month maybe. We’re getting there."

We're guessing a product for wavy/curly hair a la Eyal Booker or a range of oversized hoodies or activewear.

we were kind of hoping sammy would go work at the circus tbh ©itv

He continued, "I love my fashion. Down the fashion route is a big thing for me. I’ve always been, not to blow my own trumpet, I’ve always been very athletic. It would be nice to do something in that area. I love my skiing which no one really knows about - I’ve got a holiday coming up. It would be nice to maybe do something down that line. I’m excited for everything."

Sammy did previously hint he would return to a life of telly when he told us, "Love Island, I always used to watch with my mum – it was always something I wanted to do. But the same goes for Dancing on Ice – that’s a bucket list for me. I’ve always watched it and I love my ice skating. That’s a big one. I’m A Celebrity again… I’m very scared of bugs so would be nice to conquer my fear. Then maybe, I’d love to do Big Brother and SAS Who Dares Wins."

Climb, Sammy, CLIMB.

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