Made in Chelsea’s Freddy Knatchbull hits out at cast ‘snakes’ amid Sydney absence

Made in Chelsea has returned with a Sydney special - but Freddy is MIA

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As if dealing with the wet and dreary British weather isn't depressing enough, the latest series of Made in Chelsea is back on our screens and it features the SW3 babes enjoying some sun-filled fun down under.

Jealous? Us? Maybe just a tad.

It turns out that we are not the only ones who are envious of Liv Bentley and co's trip to Oz; catching up on the most recent ep of Chelsea takes Bondi we noticed that a few of their co-stars are absent.

mic cast
mic cast in Australia ©channel 4

As the likes of Sam Prince, Lauren Sintès and David 'Temps' Templer relish the golden sands and aquamarine oceans, some of their cast mates didn't get the chance to lap up the Australian sunshine but are more than happy to comment on the latest series.

MIC newbie, Jazz Saunders took to her social media story last night where she showed herself having a little date with Freddy Knatchbull...

Freddy and Joel
Freddy and Joel ©channel 4

Before we jump to what the duo chatted about, does this mean Jazz and Freddy are back on? Last we checked she was swapping saliva with Hugo Macknenzie-Wood and had friend-zoned the model.

Perhaps they bonded over the fact they weren't on the Bondi holiday.

On her Instagram story, Jazz turned to Freddy and asked him, "Freddy are you going to be watching Australia tonight?"

In his classic cheeky chappie style, Freddy grinned at the camera and replied, "I have heard there are a lot of slithering snakes in Australia," Jazz laughed at his response as he added, "So, yes."

some of the mic: Bondi newbies ©channel 4

The first episode aired last night (Monday 19 December) and it was DRAMA. Reza Amiri-Garroussi once again found himself in hot water with Bella Sharpe for spending too much time with ex girlfriend Ruby Adler and, as always, Sam Prince was causing havoc just by opening his eyes.

The Sydney series looks to be a stepping stone to the Made in Chelsea spin-off, Made in Bondi, which we already know we're going to be obsessed with.

Bring on the Aussies.

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