Liv Bentley exposes Made in Chelsea cast member she ‘strongly disliked’

'We hated each other'

Liv Bentley

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While Made in Chelsea has had its fair share of dramatic romances, Sam Prince and Yasmine Zweegers’ love story takes the cake for one of the most jaw-dropping. Not only had Sam just split up from Yasmine’s then-bestie, Inga Valentiner, but Yasmine had only just wrapped up a summer fling with Tristan Phipps.

One of the best things to come out of the Sam and Yasmine drama, however, is their podcast, All Things Deliciousss. This week they welcomed Made in Chelsea icon Liv Bentley, who recently broke our collective hearts when she announced that after the chaos of the Sydney series, she wouldn’t be returning to the show.

This didn’t stop her teasing us at the beginning of the podcast episode, asking the hosts, “Should I make a return?”

olivia bentley
Olivia Bentley ©Channel 4

Fans will know that Liv appeared on the show for close to a decade. She admitted, “[I filmed for] eight solid years. I didn’t realise but that’s actually the longest anyone has ever done it.

“I did do it for a really long time - and also I’m 30 this year and I started when I was 21, so I had to grow up on it. And also, I think what I struggled with was a lot of people I originally started off as friends with were slowly leaving… I just thought my life was heading in a different direction.”

It’s true that a lot of cast members have come and gone throughout those eight years. When asked who her best friends from the show are, Liv named long-time MIC fixtures, Tiff Watson, Ruby Adler and Emily Blackwell.

Tiff Watson
Tiff starred on MIC for six seasons ©Neil Mockford/GC Images

While Liv has remained friends with a lot of these MIC pals, she admitted that there was one cast member who she didn’t take to in the beginning.

“Tiff, Ruby and Emily would be my three core. Tiff’s the longest standing. What’s weird is that Tiff and I hated each other - well, not hated each other, strongly disliked each other when we first started the show, and then we became really close.”

The younger Watson sister proved herself to be a force to be reckoned with during her years on the show. She was known for some of the show's most memorable blowouts - particularly with her then-boyfriend, Sam Thompson.

While seeing her constantly face off against the equally fearsome Liv would have been great telly, it’s likely that a fight between them would have ripped the show apart, so it's probably for the best that they quashed their beef quickly after they were introduced to each other.

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