EXCLUSIVE: Jamie Laing reveals ‘frustrating’ Made in Chelsea scenes three years after quitting show

'Your true friends think you're a knob'

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There is something about the cast of Made in Chelsea where they just can't help but spill all the tea once their time on the reality TV show is over.

The latest former MIC star to chat about his Kings Road experience is fan favourite and founder of the Lost Boys, Jamie Laing.

Dare we say it? Jamie was part of the golden age of Made in Chelsea, where the likes of Spencer Matthews and Lucy Watson went around breaking hearts and causing chaos on the regs.

OG cast of MIC
OG cast of MIC ©(Photo by Dave M. Benett/Getty Images for very.co.uk)

heat caught up with Jamie at Advertising Week where he chatted about his career as a podcast king - a title we bestowed upon him, FYI - as well as what life on MIC was REALLY like.

"If you’ve seen Made in Chelsea, I apologise," Jamie began, and you know what Jamie? We accept your apology.

"A reality show about being posh...terrible idea," he laughed, "I did it for 10 years, Sophie [Habboo] did it as well and it was an incredible show to be on, to be a part of. It was about our lives, building drama and all these different things."

Building drama and then some. Jamie is now married to Sophie after they met on the show, but even their romance was far from smooth-sailing.

Who could forget that before she dated the golden retriever and bundle of energy that is Jamie she was in a relationship with a DIFFERENT golden retriever and bundle of energy – Sam Thompson.

jamie and sophie
jamie and sophie met on MIC ©Photo by Dave Benett/BAFTA/Getty Images for BAFTA

"But what I very quickly realised is that you have no control over the edit whatsoever," Jamie confessed and it's a common thought from countless people who have starred on the show.

Ollie Locke-Locke is one of the more recent OGs to say 'so long' to Chelsea and he admitted that it was partly due to the lack of 'control.'

"You’re edited in certain ways, there was no control there and that frustrated me in lots of ways," Jamie went on, "So I decided to set up a podcast, this was about eight years ago, it was called Private Parts."

Jamie was joined by several fellow MIC cast members during Privates Parts' eight year podcast reign, including Liv Bentley and Alex Mytton, who are also no longer part of the TV programme.

jamie laing
jamie Laing ©James Warren / Avalon Great Britain, London

"It was focused around my diary, and it was a place to have this freedom to discuss what I wanted," he explained. "In a forum and medium where you can just have this amazing discussion for an hour, two hours, three hours..."

Jamie previously spoke about why he quit the show to one of his besties, Spencer, on the Big Fish podcast - these reality TV babes bloody love a podcast, don't they? - Jamie opened up about the not so fun side of becoming famous from a reality show...

"Actually what happens is you become famous and it doesn't do anything," he confessed at the time. "It actually makes it worse, because your true friends think you're a knob," he added.

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