EXCLUSIVE: Georges Berthonneau exposes why he was ‘cut out’ of MAFS UK reunion

Georges split from his Married At First Sight 'wife' Peggy Rose before the reunion aired


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Oh, the cast of last year's Married at First Sight UK truly are the gift that keeps on giving.

If it's not Luke Worley and Jordan Gayle going at each other's throats, it's Erica Roberts defending herself for the 900th time.

If it's not one of those, it's Ella Morgan or Tasha Jay voicing their thoughts on a certain new romance. Ahem, JJ Slater and Katie Price, ahem...

If it doesn't feature either of them it's a recently split Peggy Rose and Georges Berthonneau reading each other to filth like they're on an episode of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Peggy and georges
peggy and Georges have now split ©channel 4 - MAFS UK

Georges previously revealed he was "blindsided" by Peggy confirming their split via social media and also took to Instagram to comment on the break up stating that, "I never wanted our relationship to end and always defended Peggy even when her actions were unacceptable."

We managed to catch up with the MAFS UKgroom at heat HQ when he chatted about his romance with Peggy as well as why they were barely featured in the reunion ep.

"They removed as much of us as they could because it's now irrelevant," he admitted.

Which we totally understand; the duo split just before the episode aired and even when they sauntered in all smiles, MAFS fans were hella confused before realising it was filmed pre-break up.

Georges and peggy
georges and peggy ©channel 4 - mafs

He continued, "Watching the reunion back after mine and Peggy's split was interesting.

"I mean they intentionally didn't really show any of us together apart from walking in, they can't not show us walking in and they can't not show us saying certain things."

We can't think of anything worse than having to watch your and an ex play happy families while it's still raw, but guess that's the price to pay of being a MAFS star.

Georges added, "Apart from that it was obviously not nice to watch back, but I think after said accusations of cheating had come out I was kind of [like], 'Nah, I'm done.' I was so wanting to make things work and I think when you get accused of something you've actually not done I think, for me, I just switched off."

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