MAFS UK: JJ Slater looks like a totally different groom in bleach blond throwback

Wait, was he a blond hottie when he dated Love Island's Ella Barnes?

JJ Slater with blond hair throwback

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HOW oh HOW has it almost been a month since the gripping finale of Married at First Sight UK?

FYI, we lost MAFS UK 2023 and Big Brother around the same time in mid-November and, honestly, we were so invested in these epic reality shows that we've spent the last few weeks mindlessly wandering around our homes like Sims trapped in a room. No one's set us on fire yet, but the week's not over yet.

We'd like to say I'm a Celeb suitably filled the hole, but we'd be lying. Oh, apart from Sam Thompson - what a gem.

Anyway, part of the reason we become so bloomin' obsessed over shows like MAFS is because the casting teams SLAP every time - and this year's cast was truly *chef's kiss*. Okay, together they caused utter chaos on and off screen, but let's be honest, that's why we're watching.

One groom who certainly added fuel to the drama fires engulfing E4 this autumn was JJ Slater – a name that still sounds like Saved by the Bell, if you ask us (Gen Zs, Google it – we can't deal with that today).

JJ MAFS smiing
JJ ©Channel 4

Joining the show as one of the four 'intruder' couples, JJ ended up at the final ceremony with a totally different bride from his original match (Queen Ella Morgan) but, sadly, that also didn't work out.

But who cares really; he's found, fame, success and heat is writing a story about the time he dyed his hair bleach blond – so who's the real winner here? people actually go on MAFS to find love?

Yep, JJ recently took to his Instagram Story to reveal that once upon a time his luscious brunette locks were, in fact, bleach blond and it's giving us hot drummer in the band.

jj slater instagram blond
A blond JJ ©Instagram/@johnjoeslater

So, yes, we're here for it.

JJ captioned his throwback snap, "Low key miss the blond 🤔."

We can't help but wonder whether his MAFS journey would've played out slightly differently if he'd have entered the experiment as a blond intruder groom. Like, if him and Bianca Petronzi had had matching hair from day dot, would it've worked out? It would've been giving Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson – actually, no, that didn't work out either, did it?

Whatever. If you're thinking about reverting back, JJ, we're here for at heat, babs. We'd also dye our hair to match – just saying.

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