EXCLUSIVE: Love Island’s Catherine Agbaje exposes unaired Ella Thomas and Tyrique Hyde scenes

Recently dumped Islanders Catherine Agbaje and Elom Ahlijah-Wilson have opened up about their time in the villa

Ella Ty and Catherine

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The Casa Amor week in this year's Love Island turned absolutely everything we thought we knew on it's head.

You are flat out lying if you claimed to believe Tyrique Hyde was going to stay loyal to Ella Thomas. Anyone who had watched Love Island 2023 from the beginning had doubts about the Essex lad, who himself admitted that he "missed the game".

From Kady McDermott to Leah Taylor, we don't think there's a female Islander that Ty hasn't flirted with. Therefore it came as a surprise to literally every single person, including Tyrique's villa mates, when the footballer declared himself closed off.

Tyrique stayed loyal to Ella during Casa Amor week

This obviously didn't stop him from using his Jedi mind tricks on the other lads and convincing them to neck on with the Casa Amor girlies though.

What DID come as a shock, however, was how easily Tyrique's bae, Ella, forgot about him and started chatting up one of the Casa boys, Ouzy See.

Ella and Ouzy obviously knew each other before they appeared on Love Island and the duo clearly had hella chemistry.

Ouzy and Ella hit it off in Casa Amor

While Tyrique was encouraging Sammy Root to snog not one, but two Casa Amor chicas (neither of which were Jess Harding) but keeping his hands to himself, Ella was cozying up to Ouzy.

But it turns out that all the laughter and smiles we saw from Ella during Casa week were only half the story and who better to know the truth then one of her villa besties?

Newly dumped Islanders, Catherine Agbaje and Elom Ahlijah-Wilson were our most recent guests on heat Dates and the couple offered up some insight into how Ella was really feeling when she was apart from Ty.

"Ella always talked about Ty, that's for sure, they may have not shown," Catherine explained before continuing, "She was upset a lot of the days and that wasn't shown as well."

The Irish Islander added, "It may look as if she was like, 'Hey Ty, I've forgotten about you because Ouzy's here', but it wasn't that."

Elom added, "You know what I think it was? Everyone thought that Ty was going to bring back a girl from Casa."

LITERALLY EVERYBODY. Which, we can all agree, is one of the reasons Ella brought back Ouzy. That and the fact he is lovely and drop dead gorge, obvs.

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