Georgia Steel pokes fun at her infamous Love Island stint and LOL

Georgia and Toby came third on All Stars

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Love Island producers sure did deliver with All Stars.

We had Jake "you're my gurlfriend" Cornish and Liberty Poole reuniting.

Casey O'Gorman and Georgia Harrison's bizarre chat about his granddad.

And Georgia Steel causing all kinds of havoc but we absolutely loved it.

love island georgia steel
georgia was iconic on all stars ©ITV

Now the Love Island 2018 star has joined in on the trend poking fun at one of her infamous moments in the All Stars villa.

Nope, not when she compared her and Toby Aromolaran's 'history' with Molly Smith and Callum Jones' three year relationship.

And not all the drama that happened during The PDAs.

love island georgia steel toby aromolaran
georgia and toby kept us entertained ©ITV

We're of course talking about her iconic conversation with Toby where she spoke about what she's grateful for.

Need a quick reminder?

"I'm grateful for my natural long hair, my eyes, my family.

"I'm grateful for you [Toby]. I'm grateful for my friends. I'm grateful for my cat."


Well, it's that exact conversation that Georgia had a laugh about when she posted a TikTok of herself quoting her "natural long hair" while the audio played in the background.

She captioned the video, "Never gets old".

It's safe to say that she's made us and a few of her followers laugh as one person commented, "This cracked me up.😂😂😂 lysm 💞💞💞".

Another fan said, "your hair thoo🔥🔥."

Someone else wrote, "The hair is hairing 😍".

One more added, "Nah the most annoying thing was like 2 days before that episode I was deep diving on what extensions you had and couldn’t find out 🤣."

While Georgia and Toby seemed totally loved up in the villa, it was just weeks after the final that she revealed that Toby had dumped her.

Posting a statement on her Instagram Story, she wrote, "After seeing the reports regarding my relationship with Toby I feel it's only right for me to be transparent and truthful with you all.

"It is true Toby has called things off. It has taken me by complete surprise and I'm still trying to process it and come to terms with it all.

"They say some people are in your life for a lifetime and some just for a chapter ❤️."

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