EXCLUSIVE: Dumped Islander reveals why Mitchel Taylor is ‘moving messy’ and it’s TELLING

Kady McDermott and Ouzy See have opened up about 'Messy Mitch'

Mitch and Kady

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The end is nigh for this year's Love Island contestants.

As in, the final dates areactually happening tonight (Thursday 27 July) and in just four days time Maya Jama will crown the queen and king of Love Island 2023.

In last night's episode we saw Abi Moores and Scott van-der-Sluis dumped from the villa after finding themselves in the bottom three. It was up to their fellow Islanders to decide which couple to send packing and seeing as Abi and Scott were the only 'friendship' duo left it made sense to get rid. No shade, guys.

Abi and Scott left in a friendship couple

Much to the surprise of their villa mates, Molly Marsh and Zach Noble were also in the bottom three; less surprising was that Mitch Taylor and Ella Barnes were also voted least compatible.

Having already confessed to being 'messy,' Mitch has become one of the most iconic Islanders to make their way into the Spanish villa. His infamous speech at The Grafties will live rent free in our minds forever and forever.

One person versed in Mitch's messy ways is returning bombshell, Kady McDermott.

Having recently been dumped alongside Casa Amor hottie Ouzy See, the couple were Harriet Rose's guests on this weeks heat Dates where Kady confessed that Mitch admitted a few things to her that make us see him in a totally different light.

"Mitch has studied every series of Love Island, he is a super fan," Kady began, "He knows, he even said to me he wants to be a memorable character."

Ah, so that will explain the chopping and changing of girls, the constant stirring up of trouble and that honestly questionable speech he gave when he won the award for, "Mad Moves."

"I think he's smart and he knows that they'll all vote him for least compatible so he's throwing that madness out there, 'Ella B's fake,' to confirm the fact that he knows they're already going anyway. Do you know what I mean?"

Erm, you lost us at 'smart' if we are honest.

Kady previously questioned if Mitch was a game player before she had even met the guy and now she has spent some time with him it looks as though her instincts have just been confirmed.

"What annoys me with the Mitch situation, he can get away with all this madness because it's 'Messy Mitch'. if Lochan [Nowacki] or Ouzy or someone else acted like that it would be madness. But because it's 'Messy Mitch', and he's fine with being rude about girls and being very disrespectful, it's fine."

But it's not all hate, as Kady also admitted that Mitch is her "closest boy friend," and "they got on really well," in the villa.

If your mate ain't going to call you out, then who will?

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