Scott van-der-Sluis calls out ‘game-playing’ Kady McDermott for ‘acting innocent’

The Love Island 2023 bombshell has become a fan favourite

Scott and Kady

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Who remembers when Love Island was about finding love or at least finding someone to have a cheeky snog with? All this talk of 'game playing' is stressing us the hell out.

We could do with someone rapping to lift the mood a bit, where is Chris Hughes when you need him?

The latest drama comes from returning bombshell Kady McDermott and fan favourite Scott van-der-Sluis.

kady and scott in the villa

After getting dumped from the Love Island 2023 villa, Kady has been making the rounds with Casa Amor heartthrob, Ouzy See and boy she is not holding back.

From calling out Mitch Taylor and Ella Barnes's relationship as 'fake' to nearly FORGETTING about Ouzy, Kady has been on a whirlwind of revelations since leaving the Spanish villa.

Now really, Kady should know better than to come for Scott, the Welsh Islander is not only the 'people's princess', but he can read you to filth at the drop of a hat, it's giving drag queen.

scott love island
scott didn't hold back in the villa ©ITV

Remember how he called Leah Taylor out on Movie Night? It was shady AF but it was all kinds of true and low-key funny.

"You've not spoken for four weeks and now look at you! What are you piping up for now? You're not the spokesperson for the girls!"

Leaving Leah looking like that Pikachu meme, if you don't know what we're talking about, google it.

leah was shocked on movie night

It turns out that all that chat from Kady has reached the ears of the semi-pro footballer and Scott is more than happy to fire back at the Love Island 2016 OG.

"Scottisha is loading..."

Speaking on On Demand Entertainment, Scott started out by admitting that everyone on the show is a game-player.

"Listen there was plenty of people who played the game better than me," he began.

It didn't take long for Scott to call out Kady and we don't even need to fluff this up as all went and named names.

scott's been spilling the tea

“When it comes to Kady, Kady knows what she’s doing, she knows the game better than anyone,” he stated before continuing, "She’s been in this game for seven years."

A snippet of the interview was shared on TikTok and one fan wrote, "One thing Scott will do is count", with another writing, "Scott is the people's princess for real. I LOVE HIMMM."

We must also add this TikTok stems from the account Scott Defence League and it's none of your business if we follow the account or not, okay?

Scott continued on his tirade by declaring, “Every single thing where she [Kady] is acting innocent. She’s not acting innocent, she knows exactly what she’s doing.”

Before finishing with an iconic Scottisha line, "Don’t come at me because you’re doing it better than any one, girl."

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