Scott van der Sluis sparks feud as he calls out Love Island ‘user’

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It seems like just yesterday we were watching the final of Love Island 2023, where Jess Harding and Sammy Root were announced as the winning couple.

Sure, they split 0.2 seconds after being crowned queen and king of the season ten villa, but two other couples from the final four are still going strong, kind of.

Molly Marsh and Zach Noble, who came in third place, are caught up in a constant battle of on/off/on again/off again/on holiday together, so are probably ON again, at the moment.

But one couple who are very much still a thing and as perfect as ever are runners up Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nowacki.

Whitney and Lochan
Whitney and Lochan ©itv

They're basically untouchable.

So what's all this about a certain bombshell by the name of Scott Van der Sluis trying to come for the queen of one-liners AKA Whitney? No.

Taking to Instagram, the Camden girly posted some seriously hot AF pics of her and her boyfriend with followers obviously loving the display of affection.

However, in classic Scott style he couldn't help but throw in a sarcastic remark which has been miraculously deleted 👀.

Scott and Whitney
Whitney and Scott ©itv

"Stop using my friend for likes," the Love Island veteran wrote, but anyone who thinks they can out-wit, erm, Whitney is a FOOL.

"Stop using my sis for remembrance," she shot back in an also deleted comment.

We did warn you, Scott.

Whit is of course referring to her Love Island bestie, Catherine Agbaje, who Scott had a fling with during his first Love Island stint. Catherine and Scott are constantly teasing fans that they've rekindling their romance, even a year on.

Catherine and Scott
Catherine and Scott ©itv

We are pretty sure that the interaction is in jest as Scott and Whit were close during Love Island with him often joining in with the girls talk.

Not only that, but they gave him the iconic nick name Scottisha, and I think we can all agree pet names are not bestowed upon people lightly.

Not only THAT, but Whit, Lochan, Scott and Catherine have shared TikTok's of them hanging out and just generally having major lolz together.

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