Miles Nazaire jets off with Made in Chelsea co-star to film spin-off show

Miles recently admitted we won't see as much of him on the latest series of Made in Chelsea

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How the cast of Made in Chelsea manage to have jobs outside of the reality TV show beggars belief.

They spend so much time jet-setting around the world and sunning it up in some tropical place we could only dream of visiting that the idea of running a sunglasses business a la Reza Amiri-Garroussi or drinking lager and selling trees - or whatever it is Harvey Armstrong and Sam Prince do - must be but a distant memory.

The latest person to head to sunny 'ole Australia for what we can only assume is to film for the Made in Chelsea spin-off series, Made in Bondi, is Miles Nazaire - and he ain't gone down under alone.

miles is currently in Australia ©channel 4

Miles is joined by none other than enemy turn gym bro bestie, Tristan Phipps, and we have to say it is one hell of a random duo.

The only thing they have in common is working out and, erm, Liv Bentley which is never going to be a fun chat because the two chaps argued about the photographer and former MIC star A LOT.

Tristan, of course, dated Liv for half a century and Miles has always been hella close to her, with him taking her side basically anytime her and Tristan had a row.

Not forgetting there was that whole Temps x Liv fling that Tristan did not enjoy and seeing as Temps is Miles' BFF he was always going to back Liv's new (and now ex) lover.

Tristan and Miles
Tristan and Miles ©channel 4

Basically, nobody knew that the two of them were even on talking terms let alone at the stage to holiday together, but nothing forces people to make amends like an all-expenses-paid trip to Australia and a new TV contract.

Both lads have been constantly sharing videos on social media of their trip to Bondi and Tristan even tagged Isabella Cicero – who joined the Kings Road guys and girls during their trip to Sydney – on his Instagram story with a photo of a ridiculously cute dog.

Oooh is that why him and Lauren Sintès went and unfollowed each other on Instagram?

Last time we checked they were hoping to rekindle the romance, however recent episodes of the new season do make it seem like Tristan is fighting a losing battle with the American.

Tristan has been spending time with isabella ©channel 4

The Sun also reported that, "Miles will be heading out with one other favourite from the Chelsea series to be the face of the series in Sydney."

The other favourite, we now understand, is Tristan.

We wonder how Temps feels about his partner in crime bonding in Bondi with another boy.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

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