Olivia Neill’s most iconic outfits and how to recreate them on the high street

Rock the blonde bombshell's wardrobe in style

The most iconic Olivia Neill outfits and how to recreate them on the high-street, three photos from Olivia's instagram

by Ruby Barry |

First YouTube, then TikTok and now the elite fashion scene. You name it, Olivia Neill has conquered it.

Our fav Northern Irish blondie is doing it all, and we couldn't be happier. So, what's the craic? (apologies to our Irish readers, we couldn't resist.) If you don't know already, Olivia Neill is a 20-year-old TikToker whose humble beginnings on YouTube at 17-years-old have developed into a 1.3 million viewer audience and hundreds of addictive videos to watch.

Her bubbly personality and entertaining content make her one of the top British social media influencers of 2022. You can often catch her strolling around the city of London, taking impromptu TikToks of her fantastic outfits to a bop-worthy tune.

Olivia is well known for her incredible outfits, whether that's lounging at home with her cat Phil (who recently got neutered, sorry to hear about that Phil) to hitting the red carpet. She's also signed to the modelling agency Elite London, so high-fashion is her forte.

But what are you to do, when you want to get the vibes of Olivia's wardrobe, but don't want to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on high-fashion clothes? Well, today is your lucky day. 🍀

We've got a list of five iconic Olivia Neill outfits from her Instagram, and how to recreate them on a budget using fashion from the high street. We've listed some of the original items, just in case you wanna treat yourself to some luxury items, but we've got tons of dupes that'll have you saying "Christ on a bike!" (again, sorry to any Irish readers, the opportunity was there.)

Check out: Five iconic Olivia Neill looks and how to recreate them on a budget


Olivia Neill outfits and how to recreate them

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CREDIT: @olivianeill

Let's start with Olivia's 2022 Brits look and the ultra mini skirt from Miu Miu that has taken the world by storm. Yes, you heard it here folks, the mini skirt is back.

Low-rise raw-hem cotton mini skirt Camel Miu Miu | MATCHESFASHION FR
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CREDIT: matches fashion

Tadaa! Get the infamous Miu Miu mini skirt here, and don the latest fashion trend. However, if the price tag makes you gasp (because same) we've got some amazing dupes below that are just as fabulous...

Short Twill Skirt
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Get this amazing dupe from H&M and live your noughties fantasy.

ASOS DESIGN low rider pelmet skirt in camel | ASOS
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CREDIT: asos

Or this chic little number from ASOS.

Bershka buckle detail leather look skort in cream | ASOS
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CREDIT: asos

This buckle-tastic dupe from Bershka. Thank the fashion lords above for ASOS.com, amiright?

Stella Champagne Bandeau Crop Top Missy Empire
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CREDIT: missy empire

You're going to need a bandeau top with your ultra mini skirt to complete the Olivia Neill look, so why not go for this dupe from Missy Empire, now on sale for only three quid?

Oversized jacket - Dark grey - Ladies | H&M GB (hm.com)
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Contrast the tight top and skirt with an oversized jacket, which doubles as an extra layer if the British weather rolls in. You can get this jacket for £34.99, or £25 if you sign up to be a free member on H&M.com.

Relaxed Fit Houndstooth Blazer | J D Williams
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CREDIT: jd williams

Another recreation of Olivia's jacket is this Houndstooth blazer from JD Williams, which is a bit pricier, but will be your go-to fancy gear for events to come.

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CREDIT: @olivianeill

Next on our list is this gorj outfit from one of Olivia's many holidays abroad. How she is kneeling over in those platform sandals is pure black magic, but regardless, here's how to recreate Olivia's look.

Mini White Floral Dress | Daisy – motelrocks.com
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CREDIT: motel rocks

Olivia Neill has collaborated many a time with Motel Rocks, so it's no surprise she's repping the brand in this stunning bodycon dress.

ASOS DESIGN strappy lace cami mini dress in ivory | ASOS
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CREDIT: asos

However, if you're looking for something a bit cheaper but just as chic, this option from ASOS is so adorable and retains all the same lacey elements.

Green Cropped Balloon Sleeve Cardigan | Knitwear | Cardigan | I SAW IT FIRST
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CREDIT: i saw it first

What a dupe! What can we say, we are the dupe masters. Grab Olivia's knitted cardigan here.

ASOS DESIGN Tonic padded toe thong flatform sandals in mint | ASOS
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CREDIT: asos

As confirmed in her Insta comments, these are the exact platform sandals Olivia is wearing. ud83dude4c

ASOS DESIGN Ferris chunky flip flop sandals in pastel green | ASOS
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CREDIT: asos

These Ferris Chunky Sandals are also an excellent dupe if you're looking for something on the greener spectrum.

Luca Oversized Shoulder Bag In Green Faux Leather | EGO
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The bag that Olivia is carrying is in the colour chartreuse- a famous shade of yellow named after Yellow Chartreuse liqueur (chin chin). Here's a fab recreation from EGO.

Soft shoulder bag - pull&bear (pullandbear.com)
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CREDIT: pull & bear

Or if you're looking for something smaller, this green bag from Pull & Bear is perf.

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CREDIT: @olivianeill

Before Kim Kardashian brought biker jackets back into fashion, Olivia Neill was ahead of the curve with racing jackets. We've got an exact replica below.

Vintage Home Depot Racing NASCAR Jacket in Orange & Black | Cult Classique | ASOS Marketplace
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CREDIT: asos marketplace

Although Olivia originally bought her NASCAR racing jacket from Break Vintage (£135.99), it's now sold out on its website. But, never fear, because we have an exact replica of the orange Home Depot jacket here for only £80. Not tickling your fancy? We've got more budget-friendly options below.

https://www.missguided.co.uk/orange-motocross-montana-colourblock-jacket-10285049 Orange Motocross Montana Colourblock Jacket | Missguided
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CREDIT: missguided

Missguided has a ton of cute racer jackets, for instance, this Montana Colourblock jacket at a super affordable price, or...

Orange Ride Or Die Motocross Jacket | Missguided
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CREDIT: missguided

...this slightly more spenny jacket with stylish graphic lettering all over.

BDG Washed Black Wide-Leg Puddle Jeans | Urban Outfitters UK
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CREDIT: urban outfitters

For the bottom half, rock Olivia's dad-jean-look with these puddle jeans from Urban Outfitters (yes, puddle jeans are a thing, and we are both confused and intrigued).

TTYL – Quay Australia
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CREDIT: quay australia

These sunnies from Quay Australia are an incredible dupe for Olivia's original glasses and bring the Y2K vibes to any look.

Pink Rectangle Rimless Sunglasses | New Look
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CREDIT: new look

Or pick this more affordable dupe from New Look which brings the naughty to the noughties.

ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Divine chunky trainers in black | ASOS
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CREDIT: asos

Finish off with a recreation of Olivia's chunky trainers, at an amazing price thanks to ASOS.

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CREDIT: @olivianeill

Our next outfit's title refers to Olivia's caption, "my hair is f*cking frazzled!", quoting our fav, Gemma Collins. I mean, if that's what Olivia constitutes as "frazzled hair", then lord knows what she'll think of my hair as soon as it hits the outside air. Hint: it looks like candy floss. Anyway, moving on...

The Mimi Bottoms, Oyster – Peachy Den
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CREDIT: peachy den

Olivia's actual trousers that she's wearing in this Insta pic are the Mimi Bottoms from Peachy Den.

Girls Low-Rise Baggy Cargo Pants | Girls Sale | HollisterCo.com
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CREDIT: hollister co

Bam! Recreate the Mimi Bottoms perfectly with these Baggy Cargo Pants from good old Hollister Co. Remember when Hollister had those male models outside their stores? Those were the days... Sorry; sidetracked. If you're a Club Cali member, you can get these bad boys for only £17.59.

Women's Cargo Joggers | Women's Bottoms | Abercrombie.com
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CREDIT: abercrombie & fitch

Or, if you want a khaki shade for your joggers, go for these cargo trousers from Abercrombie & Fitch - weirdly, another brand that had male models stand outside their stores. The Noughties were a weird time.

Mango crochet flower knit top with collar in khaki | ASOS
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CREDIT: asos

Crochet tops are Pinterest's top fashion trend of 2022, so of course, Olivia is right there with it. Recreate her crotchet top with this flower khaki top.

Made to Order Crochet Summer Cropped Top | Etsy UK
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CREDIT: etsy

Or, support a small business by ordering a custom crochet summer top from Off The Yarn. You can order any colour of yarn, so you could go for Olivia's olive green, or go bonkers and choose your own. Reviews state the products are "made for great quality yarn and is beautifully made. very quick delivery and lovely packaging with the personal touch."

ASOS DESIGN long volume sleeve shirt in cotton in white | ASOS
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CREDIT: asos

Up next is the white-collar shirt, which is a staple you should defo have in your wardrobe. Switch things up with this voluminous sleeve option from ASOS. If you want non-voluminous sleeves, then why not go for this ASOS DESIGN Long Sleeve Fitted Shirt in Stretch Cotton for £20?

lexxola.com neo-green-grey
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CREDIT: lexxola

In her Insta pic, Olivia is originally wearing the Lexxola Moss sunglasses, which are currently out of stock. There were a bit too spenny for our liking anyway, so we've found some great dupes.

Crankshaftu2122 Matte Black Sunglasses | Oakleyu00ae GB
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CREDIT: oakley

Oakley currently has an amazing sale going on, which means you can get these Crankshaft sunnies for 50 per cent off. Get iiiinnnn.

Authentic 90s Black Rectangle Sunglasses | Etsy UK
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CREDIT: etsy

Or go for a more 90s style with these authentic rectangle sunglasses in green.

15 Piece Stackable Ringset Gold Plated Rings Heart Flower | Etsy UK
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CREDIT: etsy

Complete the look with this 15 pack of stackable gold rings, to recreate Olivia's accessorised hands. You can never have too many gold rings in our book.

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CREDIT: @olivianeill

If you haven't seen this Nicki Minaj TikTok meme yet, get yourself educated pronto. Hopefully, Olivia is a fan of it too, seen here posing in a fancy Parisian bathroom in a stunning waistcoat number. Let's recreate it below...

Women's Alderley Waistcoat, Grey Check (simonjersey.com)
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CREDIT: simon jersey

We love that women wearing waistcoats has come into fashion, a style that has typically been reserved for men only. Waistcoats can upgrade any outfit, whether you where one with a shirt underneath or just a bra.

Formal buttoned waistcoat - pull&bear (pullandbear.com)
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CREDIT: pull & bear

If you want to go down the brown route instead of Olivia's original black look, this waistcoat from Pull & Bear is so gosh darn pretty.

Pimkie wide leg pinstripe trouser co-ord in dark grey | ASOS
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CREDIT: asos

Next, you'll need some pinstripe trousers, again, a brilliant piece of clothing you can dress up or down.

Leather lace-up booties Black | Miu Miu
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CREDIT: miu miu

Here are the original boots Olivia is wearing in her picture- again, cue the gasp at the price. Treat yourself to these Miu Miu Booties if you'd like, or keep scrolling for some amazing budget-friendly alternatives.

ASOS DESIGN Abstract chunky lace up hiker boots in black | ASOS
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CREDIT: asos

For example, grab these chunky boots from ASOS, currently on sale for only £29.40. Absolute bargain.

Woman's Lace up Platform Boots With Wedge Sole Rivets and | Etsy UK
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CREDIT: etsy

Or, if you want to retain the punk elements from the original Miu Miu boots, go for these Lace-Up Platforms from Etsy, and rock on ud83eudd1f.

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