Kady McDermott opens up on ‘wasting time on clowns’ nine months after Ouzy See split

She also indirected a 'liar and cheater' but WHO could she mean?

kady and ouzy

by Emily Vierke |
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The new season of Love Island will be back next month, which is a reminder that this time last year the names Whitney Adebayo and Tyrique Hyde meant NOTHING to us.

Molly Marsh and Sammy Root, WHO?

Nowadays you can't log onto social media without seeing Ella Thomas' never failing face card or Lochan Nowacki cooking up some sort of delicious meal.

One name that everybody was aware of, however, was Kady McDermott.

Kady McDermott
Kady was on Love Island twice ©itv

The 'pocket rocket,' first took part in Love Island in 2016 and returned for the 2023 summer series as a bombshell where she flirted it up with a few different fellas, just like she should.

Although she left the villa in a cute li'l romance with Casa Amor model, Ouzy See, the duo split after THAT cheating scandal. Since then, Kady has been pretty much a single pringle and during a Q&A on her Instagram, she opened up about her love life.

kady and ouzy
Kady and Ouzy on love island ©itv

One follower asked the former Islander, "How are you single? 😍."

In classic Kady style she answered with honesty and just a hint of shade.

"Happily out of choice! I wasted nearly all my 20's with clowns and I'm so happy right now in my life, it would take someone very special to change that. People always think you have to be wifed off with kids by 30; it's 2024, live your life and what will be will be. I've still got time I'm not written off quite yet haha!"


Who do we think she is referring to when she talks of 'clowns'? We can all agree Kady is using the words in a derogatory sense, right? Not the 'he was hilariously funny' sense.

Could it be her first Love Island boyfriend, Scott Thomas? Or perhaps her TOWIE ex, Myles Barnett? Perhaps even Ouzy See, who was accused of cheating on Kady once they were out of the villa?

Kady went on to reveal what exactly it is that she looking for in a new bae when a fan quizzed, "What do you look for in a man?"

After reeling off a whole host of requirements, she added, "Funny, but no class clown," as well as, "Doesn't entertain anyone that moves," before throwing in, "Oh, and not a lying cheat, that always helps x."

Kady's Instagram

We can practically hear Ouzy cringing in the far, far distance at the phrase "lying cheat."


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