Made in Chelsea’s Tristan Phipps lifts the lid on ‘rough’ reunion with Liv Bentley

Weeks after Tristan and Liv split, he moved on with Yas

Tristan and Liv

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The Made in Chelsea cast are back, BABY.

Series 26 of MIC returned to our screens yesterday (Monday 10 October) and it was as messy as we anticipated.

Miles Nazaire mentioned something about the new season being a 'slow burner,' but he must have missed the part where Liv Bentley gave Yasmine Zweegers a piece of her mind in the middle of a party.

Liv Bentley
Liv confronted Yasmine ©channel 4

Oh, and Joel Mignott telling Freddy Knatchbull there was no way in a million years that Geronimo Mörtl - who it turns out Joel's current boyfriend Robbie Mullet is currently infatuated with - was allowed to take a trip to the UK. Only on MIC would a cast member dictate who has permission to visit an ACTUAL country.

One person who found himself in a bit of dramz least season, during the carnage of Corsica, was Tristan Phipps.

Tristan was enjoying a holiday romance with Yas before she jumped ship and decided, while Tristan was away, she would lock lips with Sam Prince. Choices.

Now they are all back in London, Yas and Tristan had a cute little catch up and seem to be on OK terms, unlike Tristan and Sam who despite working together are basically enemies at this point.

Surprisingly though, it turns out the one person we all thought Tristan would be having beef with, his ex Liv, is not cause for concern.

Liv and Tristan
Lis and Tristan had a 'rough' ride ©Channel 4

Answering fans questions on his Instagram, while lounging in a pool of course, Tristan opened up about his current situation with Liv and we are pleasantly surprised.

A follower asked, "Have you spoken with Liv since the last season of Made in Chelsea?"

Tristan replied with, "Yes we have spoken, we do work together."

Sorry, we didn't realise Tristan was fluent in sarcasm.

©instagram @tristanphipps

He proceeded to say, "We are in a good place, we are friends, which is lovely. Long may it last. It's been a rough ride; it takes a weird and awful turn but we're cool."

Which is more than can be said about Tristan and Miles, apparently.

Another person asked the former-safari guide if him and Miles are friends which led Tristan to shake his hand and simply reply, "Nope."

Miles and Tristan
Miles and Tristan aren't pals atm ©channel 4

What happened to them bonding on the beach over Imogen Bloom breaking Temps' heart?

Perhaps Tristan doesn't like that Temps hooks up with Liv and takes it out on Miles?

But then again Tristan DID snog the face off Yas when he had only just split from Liv.

Looks like we'll have to continue watching the season to find out. Oh no, what a shame.

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