MAFS’ Ella Morgan speaks out on Erica Roberts and Jordan Gayle’s ‘toxic relationship’

There's a huge fight brewing

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It turns out that even when Married At First Sight is over the cast are still calling each other out and giving their two cents on their co-stars' relationships – obviously we are here for it.

With the reunion episode set to air in 2024, we have another few months of the brides and grooms causing havoc and winding each other up on social media, in interviews, during podcasts etc. - basically just give them an opportunity to dig out their co-stars and they will.

The latest MAFS 2023 cast member to lift the lid on another couple's romance is Ella Morgan.

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During her time on the show, Ella was originally matched with Nathanial Valentino, however, after a pretty cute wedding ceremony it went awry and they essentially ended up hating each other.

One of the reasons Nathanial holds some, erm, animosity towards Ella is because it turns out she fancied another groom, JJ Slater.

Ella and JJ decided to ditch their matched partners, Nathaniel and Bianca Petronzi, and return to the social experiment together as a brand spanking new duo.

Spoiler: that also didn't last and the couple ended the series as 'friends.'

That's not very Married At First Sight of them, is it?

mafs cast
Ella and jj returned in a new couple - also didn't last fyi ©channel 4

But that wasn't the only feud Ella was caught up in, as she took an instant dislike to intruder bride, Erica Roberts and it looks as though those two weren't able to bury the hatchet either.

During a chat with heat, Ella opened up about her fallout with Erica, as well as Erica's potential 'showmance' with her designated groom, Jordan Gayle.

"A very toxic relationship. I’m amazed they’re still together," Ella confessed and the SHADE of it.

Erica and Jordan are one of only three couples who decided to stay together at the end of MAFS but Ella doesn't see them lasting in the long run.

"Well, is it a real romance? Is it a showmance? She’s been quite shady about me, so I don’t know why I’m holding back."

erica and jordan
Ella doesn't think erica and Jordan will last ©channel 4

"Yeah, I don’t think they’ll last," she added.

Ella also touched on the infamous spa fallout between her, Erica and Tasha Jay which we assume she is referencing when she claims Erica has been 'shady' about her.

"I’m so glad I stuck to my word and was honest and said, you don’t give good energy," Ella confirmed, "I think people were expecting me to have a reason for not gelling with her. My reason was, I didn’t get good energy."

Erica previously opened up about some of the brides being 'mean girls' and it turns out she was talking about Ella and Tasha, however, Tasha also admitted that she does have 'regrets' on how it went down with Erica.

mafs cast at the spa
erica and Tasha butted heads ©channel 4

"People were giving Tasha so much hate for saying what she did at the spa day, but now people are like, you know, they were right, Ella and Tasha were right. She’s just not got the energy I like in a friend.

"We just don’t gel and that’s OK. She probably don’t like me. I know other cast members don’t like me. But that’s on you, not me. I’m not changing for anyone."

All three brides – Ella, Erica and Tasha – are set to meet again at the reunion episode, although if Jordan has any say in the matter, perhaps they will meet at the actual real life fist fight he has challenged Luke Worley to...

Erica and Jordan's management have been contacted for comment.

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