MAFS: Erica Roberts and Jordan Gayle speak out on ‘disrespectful’ Ella Morgan after ‘toxic’ jibe

Jordan Gayle previously fell out with Luke Worley

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The plot thickens in a Married At First Sight feud NOBODY was even aware of.

This year's cast of MAFS were a confrontational bunch and my goodness did they enjoy a row.

A few of them also enjoyed an actual fist fight but FYI this is very much NOT tolerated by anyone and Luke Worley was axed from the show for trying to throw a punch at Jordan Gayle.

But it turns out that Jordan is caught up in another cast fall-out, this time with OG bride Ella Morgan after she referred to his relationship with 'bride' Erica Roberts as 'toxic' and a 'showmance.'


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When we chatted to Ella about her time on the show, and what the hell went down with Nathanial Valentino and JJ Slater, we also asked her about her thoughts on the other couples in the social experiment turned reality TV show.

Ella voiced her unfiltered opinions on Jordan and Erica and the duo did not take kindly to her comments, we managed to catch up with them both to ask how they felt about Ella's remarks.

"What I'd say is that Ella has never seen us off camera," Jordan explained, "She's literally spent zero time with us away from the cameras, so she doesn't know the real us."

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"So like her comment, 'I've always been toxic.' That's just coming from someone that doesn't know us. Everyone argues."

Naturally, Edinburgh-born Erica also jumped in to defend her romance with Northern lad Jordan and revealed why she wasn't happy with Ella, "The one time we did chill with her off camera she was flirting with Jordan."

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Jordan, Erica & Adrienne all joined as 'intruders' ©channel 4

"But she has always shown us disrespect because the way she's been towards me is disrespectful towards Erica," Jordan continued, "She's put me in a situation I don't want to be in because I don't want her to be flirting with me.

"She has been disrespectful towards us as she's not being very nice to us at all," Jordan finished.

At this point we're not entirely sure which of the cast are still on talking terms which will be hella entertaining when the reunion episode airs in 2024.

To put it simply; Jordan, of course, clashed with Luke, Ella had a falling out with Nathanial and Bianca Petronzi, who was originally coupled with JJ, and Erica butted heads with Tasha Jay - although that feud DOES seem to have been quashed.

Not forgetting that Laura Jayne Vaughan broke the heart of Arthur Poremba and is no longer BFFs with Nathanial. Phew.

The only person who seems to be on good terms with everybody is...oh wait, no one.

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