EXCLUSIVE: Verity Bowditch exposes ‘bizarre’ and ’embarrassing’ Made in Chelsea secrets and LOL

'I don’t want to get the show in trouble!'

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Can you actually believe it’s been over ten years since the likes of Spencer Matthews, Caggie Dunlop, Hugo Taylor and his then-girlfriend (now wife) Millie Mackintosh first appeared on our screens on Made in Chelsea? Now they're all married and popping out babies and we're still writing about Made in Chelsea.

Bitter? Us? Shush (that's a posh for 'shoosh').

Back in 2011, there was nothing else like it on British TV. Most of us had not an inkling about the lavish lives the rich and glamorous of south west London’s elite.

Now in its twenty-fourth series, Made in Chelsea has created some of the UK’s biggest reality stars; from Spencer, to Jamie Laing and Sophie Hermann, as well as newbie SW3 stars like Maeva D’Ascanio and Miles Nazaire.

We can’t say whether it’s their aspirational social lives, enviable homes or just the trademark golden-tinged sepia filter that’s laid over everything (Drag Race would never - not since that Vaselined season one filter), but Made in Chelsea has captured our hearts for over a decade. You could say it's our longest and most successful relationship.

The latest show secrets come from a current cast-member; if you're a Made in Chelsea fan, you'll already know that Verity Bowditch is a bit of a series legend.

Having been on the show for almost four years now, it's safe to say the reality star turned entrepreneur has experienced her fair share of SW3-based drama. From boy trouble (who could forget that James Taylor/Eliza Batten square-off) to frenemy rows (Maeva D'Ascanio calling Verity "a viper", comes to mind; so does Liv Taylor's savage, 'Get the f*ck out of my house' line), our Verity has earned her status and follow-up success, and then some.

So what now? What happens when an MiC legend has had it with Royal Borough drama? Sweetie, you do what every successful reality star should do and ride said shooting star all the way to the bank. This is exactly what Verity has done with her hugely successful Clean Kitchen Club start-up (a start-up that is now turning some serious numbers, apparently), which is on a mission to bring plant-based food to the mainstream, with sites in Battersea Power Station, Camden Notting Hill, Soho, and Wembley (they're also on Deliveroo).

We recent caught up with Verity (on Zoom as she was iconically black cabbing it around SW3) to talk about her business venture, as well as get all the goss on the latest series of Made in Chelsea.

Verity confessed that she's fairly drama-free this series (admitting "the young ones" are at the centre of the drama this season), but she was more than happy to share some goss on her glory days.

As we do with every Made In Chelsea interview, we asked Verity if she could share any behind-the-scenes cast and/or production tea with us, because we've honestly been fascinated with the ins and outs of how MiC is put together since episode one (when Caggie was having all those SJP moments).

In truth, we were half expecting to smoothly glaze over this question – like the seasonsed reality star she is – but no, she was happy to spill some tea and grab a wet floor sign.

On that note, if you, like us, simply can’t get enough of Chelsea's finest, here are 14 things you might not know about the show...

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Things you didn't know about Made in Chelsea

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Verity Bowditch recently exclusive revealed to heat that those classic MiC nightclub/party scenes aren't always as authentic as they might appear. She told heatworld, "There’s honestly so many [behind the scenes secrets] – I don’t want to get the show in trouble! I think I was getting quite confused when I was putting on stilettos and a body-con dress at 8am in the morning to film a scene in a nightclub – a full day of filming for like a ten-second clip. That was very bizarre. And it’s so embarrassing, I got the tube places when I first started, and I would have to walk down the street in stilettos and a dress because I didn’t know you got changed when you got there! I would get all these looks just walking down Mayfair. That was so embarrassing – I wish someone had told me that.”

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Top marks for this secret! Verity also recently revealed that the series veterans can always tell when a surprise appearance is about to be filmed. She said, “The best scenes are when you (the cast) don’t know what’s going to happen. Normally they put a mark on the floor where you stand, and when you’re a bit of a veteran you know when they’ve left a space for someone to stand there, but there’s no mark – because surprise appearances are just the best, and everyone’s just so shocked. That is really good. So that’s a good one – when there’s a surprise walk-in and they haven’t put a mark down.”

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For as long as we can remember, there's been an unwritten understanding between reality stars and reality show producers that celebs are okay to tease what goes on behind the cameras on their respective shows, but never too much. There's also the big rule - NEVER take behind-the-scenes snaps of production and post it to your hundreds of thousands of followers. Luckily for us, reality stars like Made in Chelsea's Ruby Adler are rule breakers.

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In August 2022, Ruby shared an array of behind-the-scenes shots from the popular reality series (with plenty of snaps of producers and crew milling about – generally a big no no with big bosses). As you can see from these shots, there's plenty of prep that goes into setting up the shooting of "reality" in SW3.

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Like, SO naturale, mate.

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The initial idea for Made In Chelsea came from LA based The Hills. Spencer Matthews was pals with Spencer Pratt and Brody Jenner and, he told Closer Online in 2017, "We didn't have anything like that in the UK. "We pitched basically the same as [producer of The Hills and The City] Adam DiVello's idea over here to star in our own show in London."The crossover later made itself known when Spencer Pratt's sister Stephanie arrived in Chelsea in 2013 and started dating Spencer.

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Spencer and Hugo Taylor were involved in the casting process. According to Spenny, the two of them first pitched the idea as The Big Smoke and even filmed a pilot, but it wasn't initially commissioned. When bigwig producers later showed an interest, it was to be called Chelsea Girls, but Spencer and Hugo requested the name be changed and what we know as Made in Chelsea was born.

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Not all scenes are as they seem - Spencer told Closer that they'd often end up filming scenes set in clubs at night in the early morning based on availability of the venue. A bit awkward, no?

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As a result, while the alcohol on set is real, usually if they're filming early scenes they'll "be on the waters". If it's an explosive night time scene though and the producers were after extra drama, then drinking "was encouraged".

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Remember THIS iconic fight? Even in the first series' "some of the fights were more real than others". According to Spenny, "Some of the time you'll take the other side in an argument otherwise there's no scene – the arguments are real but your opinion may not be real."

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He also said that, "In order to prolong drama they would dilute a side of the argument. "Sometimes it was very clear from the beginning who was right and who was wrong – sometimes simple discussions would drag on over the course of a series, for the purpose of entertainment."

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The cast don't know if they're going abroad until just 24 hours in advance. James Taylor told Closer that producers would wait til the last possible minute to film reactions to the news of a holiday, "otherwise it would be acting". And Habbs admitted that Canada (in 2018) was the weirdest trip because "there were two separate groups of friends".

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Lizzo was in Made in Chelsea.Yep, In 2014, Lizzo featured on stage in a gig scene in the show. If that wasn't weird enough (and it's not exactly a secret any more), what's even stranger is that during gig and club scenes there's actually no music played. Extras have revealed that most scenes are filmed in silence so that the mics can pick up dialogue of the main cast.

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Mark-Francis Vandelli and Victoria Baker-Harber are the most "high maintenance" cast members in MiC history, and Mark even said he didn't know and "couldn't care less" about who else was on the show in 2016. "I have invited many of the cast to parties in my house but you can tell there is a distinction between my friends and them, and they don't really make any effort to integrate," he told Digital Spy. "They don't gel. What you must understand is that we don't interact or socialise with any of the other cast," he continued. "Or really ever see them. Occasionally Binky, who I'm always happy to see.""[But] Toff's very smart and she can speak to anyone about anything, she's intelligent and forthcoming."

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When superstar DJ Tom Zanetti briefly filmed scenes for MiC, after meeting his girlfriend Sophie Hermann on Celeb Go Dating, he spoke out about how 'set up' the show was. "In a way, yes, it is set up. They'll set up an amazing setting and a backdrop and then you're given a topic to discuss."That doesn't discredit it at all. It was set up but, then you've got to film it so many times from so many different angles. And then, you get the wides, and then you get the pretties and then you get this and that."

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In 2019, current cast members James Taylor and Sophie 'Habbs' Habboo told Closer that, much like in the Love Island villa, producers are more involved than you think. "Producers make you say things you don't necessarily want to say," said James Taylor. "There's a definite hierarchy and there's 'different rules' for the older cast and the newbies."Habbs agreed, "You forget they're not your friends and so you tell them your deepest darkest secrets and suddenly everyone knows them."

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