Made In Chelsea’s Ruby Adler shows off BLONDE hair transformation amid split rumours

The new series of MIC is just around the corner

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by Hannah Mellin |

Made In Chelsea's Ruby Adler, who is as famous for her dark hair as she is her 'edgy' hand tattoos, has shared a snap of her blonde hair transformation.

Taking part in a recent Instagram Q&A, Ruby jumped on the 'show me a photo' trend and she didn't disappoint. What would we do if our favourite celebs didn't participate in these trends? We'd be all out of content, that's what we'd be.

When a fan requested a picture of her with 'a different hair colour', she replied with a shock hair transformation of a time 'she went blonde for a bit'.

In other words, the time she had some blonde highlights at the front of her hair and we're obsessed. Very Christina Aguilera in the noughties - but a more refined Made In Chelsea version.

Just a hint of blonde ©Instagram

As the brand new series of Made In Chelsea nears (August 22nd, 10pm, set your reminders) Ruby has fuelled rumours that she has split from her boyfriend Reza Amiri-Garrousi in recent weeks as she has unfollowed him on Instagram - 2022's version of telling your mum that you've had a barney and you're moving back home. Rez (who still follows her) also hasn't appeared on her Instagram story since, which is odd, considering they often travel the world together.

heat noticed Ruby's sneaky unfollow in early August, and it still looks like Ruby hasn't followed him back a few weeks later.

The split rumours probably don't come as a surprise to MIC fans, as at the end of the latest season they had a HUGE argument about Ruby following an unidentified footballer on Instagram after a night out with her friends, just a few months after they rekindled their 10-year-long relationship following a dramatic split.

Made In Chelsea: Mallorca ©Channel 4

Ruby opened up about their reunion in the last series of the show, saying, "I'm actually so happy, I feel like we've turned a new leaf. I've made the decision that I love him and I want this to work - I wouldn't be in this situation if I didn't - and I feel happy.

"I definitely feel like I had my time where I was single and we've had a break from each other. And I think the grass isn't always greener."

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