MAFS: Peggy Rose parties WITHOUT groom Georges Berthonneau ahead of reunion episode

She was pictured with Jordan Gayle and Erica Roberts

Peggy and Georges

by Emily Vierke |
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The whole world and his wife, pun intended, were on tenterhooks during the last few episodes of this year's Married At First Sight UK.

Would Erica Roberts and Jordan Gayle say 'I do?'

Could Peggy Rose get over Georges Berthonneau and his squatting to make a go of things?

Would Luke Worley and Jay Howard be welcomed back after he was axed from the show for starting a fight with Jordan?

It turns out the answer to all of the above was yes.

Peggy and Georges
Peggy and Georges are still together ©channel 4

But that didn't stop viewers of the 2023 series of MAFS from being surprised that Peggy and Georges had decided to stay together and make a go of things in the big, wide world for it seemed that the couple weren't particularly compatible.

What with Georges online side hustle being questioned and Peggy's family not being his biggest supporters, but love works in mysterious ways.

Even their co-stars weren't convinced by the newlyweds, as 'intruder,' bride Adrienne Naylor previously admitted to heat that she was 'surprised,' that Peggy and Georges were still together.

Peggy and georges
Peggy and Georges ©channel 4

Fast forward to now (December 2023 for all those catching up on your MAFS goss in the future) and Peggy has been spotted partying with her fellow brides and grooms but Georges was noticeably absent.

Sharing a video on her instagram story, Peggy was enjoying a social event with Erica and Jordan as well as new couple Shona Manderson and Matt Pilmoor and a bride from a previous series of MAFS, Chanita Stephenson.


Peggy reshared the story after Chanita posted it on her Instagram story and it has us wondering, where was Georges? The other brides were joined by their 'grooms,' but Georges was nowhere to be seen. He'd better not be too busy to attend to MAFS reunion next year, we can't imagine Peggy will let that slide.

To be fair, along with Erica and Jordan, as well as Tasha Jay and Paul Liba, Peggy and Georges are one of only three couples who made it all the way to the MAFS finish line with their romance still intact.

We have a feeling we know what Georges was up to which meant he couldn't join his other half at the party...

Two words: squatting and lycra.

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