‘Messy’ Mitch Taylor throws major shade at All Stars girls and OUCH

'Messy' Mitch Taylor recently took part in Love Island 2023 and Love Island: All Stars


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It's hard to believe that this time last year none of us knew who Love Island's 'Messy' Mitch Taylor was.

None of us had witnessed his relentless pursuit of Molly Marsh in the early days of Love Island 2023 (his red shorts era). None of us had witnessed his painfully cringe love triangle with Abi Moores and Ella Barnes. Nobody had witnessed his fiery feud with Kady McDermott.

Nobody had witnessed his turbulent time with Liberty Poole on All Stars. No one had witnessed Anton Danyluk iconically bring him down 28,000 notches in that 'bro code' debate. Nobody had witnessed the MESS. All of our lives just seemed cleaner and calmer, did they not?

mitch ©itv - love island

Now – plot twist – we've always had a bit of a soft spot for Mitch; yes, there's no denying his foot likes to live in his mouth, and there's also no denying he's a tornado of mess and chaos on and off camera, but we genuinely believe he wouldn't hurt a fly and at least tries to learn from some of the questionable things that may have escaped his mouth on social media and in interviews in the past.

Oh, did we speak too soon?

In a recent Instagram Q&A with his Instagram followers, Mitch somehow managed to throw major shade at each and every one of his female All Stars co-stars and while we will defend each and every one of these girls till the ends of the earth, because it's Mitch, we're rolling our eyes and laughing it off for some reason.

Mitch just came for the girls
Mitch just came for the girls ©©ITV

To be fair, it is very clearly a joke, but shady AF all the same...

When asked, "Did you actually like anyone in Love Island or was it a fix?" the All Star brought his phone obnoxiously close to his face – while chilling in a hot tub, we might add – and answered, "Yeah, I liked all the boys."

mitch taylor instagram

The. Shade.

That's messy AF Mitch shade thrown at Molly Smith, Jess and Eve Gale, Sophie Piper, Georgia Steel, Georgia Harrison, Arabella Chi, Joanna Chimonides, Kaz Kamwi, Hannah Elizabeth, Liberty Poole and Demi Jones then. Savage.

He must be stopped. But not really, because the devil on our shoulder is always here for some 'Messy' Mitch content.

P.S. We will OVBVS call him out (like an angry auntie) if it ever goes beyond harmless mess and shade.

Mitch and Liberty
Mitch and Liberty ©itv - love island

Mitch entered the All Stars villa on day one in January 2024 and the public coupled him up with queen of queens Kaz – who, frankly, he did not deserve (no man does for that matter).

He then set his sights on her bestie Liberty and the pair were coupled up (and off and on) for just under a couple of weeks before they were both dumped on day 16.

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