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There must be something in the SW3 waters; something that requires the cast of Made in Chelsea to cheat on a significant other and then claimed they 'blacked out.'

Not naming any names or anything.

Actually, you know what? That's EXACTLY what we're going to do.

The most recent series of Made in Chelsea returned to our telly screens on Monday and it took just one episode for Sam Prince to be accused of cheating on Yasmine Zweegers, for what? The hundredth time? We've lost count at this point.

Sam 'blacked out' ©channel 4

But young Princey isn't alone in his adulterous ways; throughout the decade Made in Chelsea has been in our lives, countless cast members have let their eyes (and hands) wander.

From Spencer Matthews to Lucy Watson, check out the naughtiest guys and girls of Kings Road.

Yasmine is still with Sam ©channel 4

Sam Prince

Let's start strong and current as we present to you the case of Sam Prince.

When he first joined the show as Jamie Laing's assistant back in 2017, Sam was all fluffy hair and 'please and thank you, sir,' but fast forward to 2024 and the business owner has caused some major chaos.

sam prince
Sam Prince ©channel 4

From cheating on Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo by having sex with someone else in HER BED, to hooking up with five different girls when he was in a relationship with Jemima Rhys, Sam doesn't seem to understand the concept of monogamy.

Last year he broke up with Inga Valentiner during the MIC trip to Corsica only to sleep with her pal Yasmine the next day. Since then, the duo have been making a go of things and even started their own podcast together, but in the current season, Sam was accused of cheating on Yas.

sam and inga
Sam split with inga and hooked up with yes ©channel 4

Sam used theAlex Mytton clause, claiming he 'blacked out' with no recollection of the night. All he allegedly remembers is waking up in someone's bed – someone who is not Yas.

Despite this, Yas and Sam are seemingly still going strong an look set on proving everyone wrong.

Alex Mytton

Speaking of 'blacking out,' props to the guy who should probably have the phrase tattooed on his skin.

During his time on the show Alex Mytton was in a relationship with fan fave Binky Felstead but it was far from smooth-sailing.

Alex cheated on Binky more times than we can count on both hands with her constantly battling against the other cast and urging them to "let us be."

Alex mytton
Alex Mytton ©channel 4

Who could ever forget that season finale where the duo walked out as their fellow MIC cast stared on in shock as Binky screamed at Jamie Laing, "You do not have any f**king right, I am his girlfriend. You are nothing compared to me and this relationship."

It all eventually came crashing down for Alex when Binky found out that her boyfriend had an orgy with fellow lothario Spencer Matthews and a group of girls.

Binky and Alex
Binky and Alex ©Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images

He also dated Celebs Go Dating star, Lottie Moss, who previously opened up about her romance with Alex claiming it was "difficult," and admitted that, "I gave everything to that relationship and when I got nothing back, I shut myself down."

Yasmine Zweegers

It's not just the Made in Chelsea men that are heartbreakers; Yasmine's boyfriend Sam may have a bad rep but his partner does have a knack for fluttering those long lashes at every MIC fella.

She was having a cute holiday romance with Tristan Phipps before Sam caught her eye and they started up their controversial love affair, leaving Tristan gutted.

Yasmine ©Channel 4

She also clashed with Issy Francis Baum over Harvey Armstrong and there were constant rumours she fancied Miles when she was dating Guy Connolly.

Tiff Watson

Tiff Watson may now be the ultimate mum and married to footballer Cameron McGheehan but during her MIC stint, the younger Watson sis was in a relationship with Sam Thompson and boy was it hell.

Tiff dated sam ©channel 4

The couple were together on/off for three years and throughout that time they were constantly haunted by rumours of disloyalty and cheating.

They finally split in 2017 with Tiff calling time on the relationship.

Sam Thompson

If Tiff is on the list, it's only fair her ex also makes the cut.

We may all think of Sam as being wronged by current bae, Love Island bombshell Zara McDermott - the bench scene, y'all - but Sam was unfaithful to Tiff on numerous occasions.

tiff and sam
Tiff and Sam ©Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

They seemed to be caught up in a constant back and forth of cheating before eventually breaking up.

Spencer Matthews

Ah, Spencer Spencer Spencer.

London's lothario, the Chelsea Charmer, The SW3 Sweet Talker, The Raffles Rascal, if you will.

Spencer was the go charmer ©Photo by Alan Chapman/Dave Benett/Getty Images

We're not sure we have time to list all the girlies that Spencer wronged during his MIC stint. It need it's own book, tbh.

From claiming Louise Thompson "allowed" him to cheat on her, to buying Stephanie Pratt a Prada handbag after he one hundred perfect screwed around behind her back, Spencer was the ultimate love-rat back in the show's heyday.

Lucy and Spencer
Lucy and Spencer ©(Photo by Neil Mockford/FilmMagic

Throw Lauren Hutton and Lucy Watson into the mix, oh, and Funda Önal, who he was dating at the start of the show, despite crushing on and flirting it up a storm with Caggie Dunlop, it is clear to see that Spencer was THE womaniser.

Miles Nazaire

Spencer paved the way for the likes of Miles Nazaire, who could do just about anything and still manage to charm a girl into going on a date with him.

Jazz Saunders, you have been warned.

He may have told Freddy Knatchbull in the most recent series that he has no idea how he treats girls but we've all seen what went down between him and MAFS bride Ella May Ding, as well as Issy and Jane Aubrun-Martin.

miles and jazz
miles and jazz kiss this season ©channel 4

Being declared a 'love rat' doesn't necessarily mean the person in question lets their eyes wander and cheats on their partner. Miles has the unique ability to flirt his way into a relationship only to panic two seconds later and call off the entire affair leaving a trail of heartbroken ladies in his wake.

Lucy Watson

Speaking of not cheating but being a right li'l flirt, we have Lucy Watson.

Much like her younger sis, Lucy is now happily married and has recently welcomed a baby to the world but she was a bit of a saucy siren during her time on Made in Chelsea.

lucy watson
Lucy liked the lost boys ©channel 4

She worked her way through 3/4 of 'The Lost Boys,' having dated Jamie Laing, Spencer Matthews and Oliver Proudlock.

Lucy also had a fling with Alex Mytton, pre -Binky obvs, and before settling down with James Dunmore, who she is now married to, Louise Thompson's ex Andy Jordan also caught Lucy's eye.

Zara McDermott

Finally, we couldn't curate such a list without the Love Island 2018 bombshell. Zara may have only been on Made in Chelsea for two seasons but the cheating scandal between her and Sam Thompson is one of the most memorable moments in reality TV history.

ICYMI, check out the iconic bench scene below.

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