5 Love Island stars who’ve hinted they’re going BACK into the villa

A Love Island All Stars spin-off could be in the works

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by Hannah Mellin |

And look, even if they're teasing us for attention, we officially don't care; WE WANT a Love Island: All Stars to happen SO badly we are encouraging ALL celebs great and small to throw it out into the universe to help make it happen. All those vibes, please.

*Us suddenly realising we'd have absolutely no social life if we get a year of Summer Love Island, Winter Love Island and Love Island: All Stars - oh, well, who needs friends or love (ironically) anyway?*

The eagle-eyed amongst you might remember that just before Love Island series 8 started and Winter Love Island was confirmed, rumours were flying that ITV was entertaining the idea of some sort of Love Island: All Stars as a means of bringing back the plethora of single Love Island icons – clogging up red carpets everywhere – for another round of poolside carnage.

Yep, just before the British summer started ridding us of the energy required to point our remotes at the telly at 9pm, social media was alight with gossip that ITV had mysteriously trademarked the phrase ‘Love Island World’ which would allow them to use the name for filming, advertising, marketing, as well as other forms of entertainment including video games.

Although ITV representatives said that the name was trademarked for a YouTube channel which would feature clips of old seasons, and not a new reality show, we're far from convinced, especially considering an actual Love Island producer has said they would "love to make an 'All Stars' in the future".

A Reddit user asked, "Would you ever consider bringing back the legendary Celebrity Love Island or has it been done too many times with other reality shows now?"

A producer responded via Love Island's official Reddit account, saying, "I would personally love to make an 'All Stars' in the future with past Islanders across all series.

THEN, of course, Love Island bosses (maybe even the one who just dropped that BOMBSHELL) chuck in the first ever returning Islander, series four's Adam Collard, to stir up more #dramz, demonstrating that ITV2 have no problem bringing back former Islanders, should they see fit.

That very prospect is apparently panicking solid Love Island couples like Paige Turley and Finn Tapp, with Paige jokingly telling her 1.7m Instagram followers that she's hidden Finn's passport just in case this was a new trend for the reality series.

Naturally, all of this has got us thinking about how ITV plan to explore and expand the Love Island cinematic (well, telly) universe, considering just how many former Islanders are currently swimming around ITV's metaphorical sea, just waiting to munch on some bait.

ITV may be remaining predictably schtum, but they can't stop us from instructing our research team to deep dive into the darkest depths of Love Island socials to learn who would not only be up for returning to the series, but also who has explicitly made it clear.


5 former Islanders who would return to Love Island

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Maura Higgins (Love Island Series 5)

Single Maura hinted she'd consider a Love Island return on her Instagram Story in June 2022. She said, "I couldn't be more f***ing single. I may as well just go into Love Island again."

Our Maura has actually gone rather quiet on social media this week, btw...we're just saying.

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Liberty Poole (Love Island Series 7)

In a recent interview with Radio Times, Liberty confessed that she would return for an All Stars edition of Love Island, saying, "I actually would go into an All Stars to be fair.

"Obviously, it's a new villa, so it might have been even more weird if it was the villa from last year. But yeah, I would love to go back. I wish I was back for sure."

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Amy Hart (Love Island Series 5)

Speaking of Adam Collard's return, Amy said, "I mean I’m a bit jealous, I won’t lie. We were always told 'you will never be allowed back in here because you know too much.'

"The fact that he has broken into that rule, and he is allowed back, like, I wouldn’t have got a boyfriend if I knew that was an option. I’m joking I love my Sam [Rason].

She added, "I would totally love to go back, but as an Agony Aunt, they could come and see me."

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Kem Cetinay (Love Island Season 3)

In a recent interview with OK!, Kem admitted to getting jealous of new Islanders, saying that he would love to return to the Love Island villa for a second time.

He said, "I get a little bit jealous sometimes, though! I want to get back in there just one more time. My days are gone, though. I can’t get my abs back any more!”

How about a normal bodies edition, too, while we're at it? No, seriously. According to our calendar, it's 2022.

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Megan Barton Hanson (Love Island Series 3)

Megan recently said that she would consider returning to the series if – and only if – there's "a gay season".

Speaking at Cambridge University Union Debating Society, Megan said, "I feel like we need a whole gay series. If you’re going to do it, do it properly. I mean, I’d definitely go back on there if there’s a gay season!'”

We love to see it. A LGBTQ+ season MUST happen. Hi, universe - it's us, heat, again.

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