Married At First Sight UK: where are all the couples now?

From Thomas and Rozz to Paul and Tasha

married at first sight uk couples

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If there's one thing about Married At First Sight, it's that it ALWAYS brings the drama.

Whether it's dinner parties, commitment ceremonies, honeymoons or home-stays, we're obsessed with seeing how the MAFS UK relationships pan out.

The couples are certainly a mixed bunch, some seem perfect for each other, others the complete opposite and then there are some that can barely hold a conversation (remember Rozz Darlington and Thomas Kriaras at the very beginning?).

Keeping track of all of the couples throughout the show, whether they were successful or not, is a hard task. So we've broken down where all of the MAFS UK couples are now.


Where are all the Married At First Sight UK couples now?

married at first sight thomas and rozz1 of 23

Thomas and Rozz - series 8

Thomas and Rozz's relationship was a rollercoaster. From Rozz claiming they were awkward... literally at their wedding, to them spicing up their sex life - we were hooked. Unfortunately after a visit to their friends and family, Rozz discovered that she didn't want to have kids with Thomas and following an emotional commitment ceremony they called it quits.

married at first sight tasha and paul2 of 23

Paul and Tasha - series 8

Tasha Jay and Paul Liba hit it off from their wedding day and honestly, they appeared to be the strongest couple. They did hit a few rough patches - including unaired rows - but to no one's surprise they stayed together during the vow renewal.

married at first sight jay and luke3 of 23

Luke and Jay - series 8

Another OG couple who barely had any hiccups were Luke Worley and Jay Howard. The duo were a match made in heaven and got on swimmingly until Luke found himself in hot water for making a weird analogy about cheating... He then had a physical fight with Jordan Gayle and as a result, he was booted off the show alongside Jay. Everyone was shocked when they returned separately to the final dinner party - confirming they've split.

married at first sight ella and nathanial during the commitment ceremony4 of 23

Ella and Nathanial - series 8

Ella Morgan and Nathanial Valentino had a rocky start from the very beginning. They had a row on their honeymoon and it ended with Nathanial screaming "YOU'RE A STRIPPER". Things went from bad to worse when they returned to the UK. After it came to light that Ella was secretly texting JJ Slater, Ella and Nathanial had another screaming match at a dinner party before he stormed off and quit the show. Safe to say, they're no longer together. Nathanial didn't even return for the final dinner party.

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Brad and Shona - series 8

Brad Skelly and Shona Manderson appeared to be the perfect couple, until they weren't. They couldn't keep their hands off each other during the first commitment ceremony. However it all took a turn when Brad claimed that he'd "allow" to feel her, feelings... It was all a bit bizarre and shortly after the dating experts revealed that they need to leave the experiment. They then split, with Shona telling Brad to 'enjoy the f--king universe'. He's got a new girlfriend and Shona is rumoured to be dating Matt.. Yep, the Matt who's coupled up with Adrienne.

married at first sight peggy and georges6 of 23

Peggy and Georges - series 8

Peggy Rose and Georges Berthonneau appeared to be the match made in heaven - well, lookswise (Peggys words, FYI - "you're just my type"). However things quickly went downhill when Georges revealed that he squats during his streams online. Peggy then randomly told her mum and sister that her husband likes to be rimmed... Shock horror thoughm because they managed to make it work and during the vow renewal they decided to stay together.

married at first sight terrence and porscha7 of 23

Terrence and Porscha - series 8

Terence Edwards and Porscha Pernnelle didn't hit it off straight away and things took a turn for the worst on their honeymoon when she didn't want to use his spoon LOL. However after help from the dating experts, they seemed to get things back on track... Until a game of spin the bottle. Terrence ended the relationship and quit the experiment.

married at first sight laura and arthur during a commitment ceremony 8 of 23

Laura and Arthur - series 8

Laura Jayne Vaughan and Arthur Poremba had a rough time of things. Whether it was Laura's pals and Arthur butting heads, or the MAFS 2023 cast slamming Laura - they came under a lot of fire. It almost seemed that they'd make it but during the vow renewal episode, Laura called it quits. To be fair, it was pretty obvious that Laura and Arthur weren't together, especially after he was spotted looking cosy with his co-star on his birthday...

married at first sight jj and bianca during a commitment ceremony9 of 23

JJ and Bianca - series 8

JJ and Bianca Petronzi didn't hit it off straight away and things quickly became strained, especially after Bianca revealed that JJ hadn't kissed her since their wedding day. They then joined the rest of the couples in the apartment and things went from bad to worse when it came to light that JJ and Ella had been texting. Bianca hit out at both JJ and Ella before leaving the experiment with her head held high.

married at first sight jj and ella10 of 23

JJ and Ella - series 8

After secretly texting and then hanging out, JJ and Ella caused mayhem during a dinner party. They then left the experiment but surprise, surprise (in the words of Cilla Black) they returned as a new couple. While things between JJ and Ella were waaaay better than their previous 'marriages', unfortunately it didn't last and they called it quits during the vow renewals.

married at first sight jordan erica11 of 23

Jordan and Erica - series 8

Jordan Gayle and Erica Roberts were the perfect combo for intruders. They hit it off but also caused a stir with their co-stars. They often gave their opinions even though no one asked for them, but it became perfect TV (including that bizarre fight with Luke). Jordan and Erica then hit a rough patch following the wife swap challenge but ended the experiment renewing their vows. Although the reunion episode seems to hint that Jordan got a little too close to another lady...

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Mark and Sean - series 8

Mark Kiley refusing to walk down the aisle because he didn't have the right shirt will go down in MAFS history. Iconic behaviour if you ask us. They managed to put the delayed wedding behind them but things got off to a rough start during their honeymoon following a disagreement. Sean Malkin then put his foot in it during a game with his co-stars. Unfortunately things didn't work out and it wasn't long before Sean ended their relationship and left the experiment.

married at first sight matt and adrienne13 of 23

Matt and Adrienne - series 8

They seemed like a match made in heaven. Mainly because they're both obsessed with the gym but turns out shared hobbies isn't going to solve your problems. Adrienne Naylor struggled with Matt Pilmoor's humour and they almost called it quits but after their final date, things got better and they stayed together during the vow renewal. However following the final dinner party they confirmed they'd split and surprisingly, being at odds over having children and Matt spotted out and about with Shona wasn't the reason behind their decision.

Chanita and Jordan14 of 23
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Chanita and Jordan - series 7

Chanita Stephenson and Jordan Emmett-Connelly were the golden couple of the 2022 series and hardly had any drama at all. But even after renewing their vows, at the reunion we were absolutely shocked to see them enter separately. Although there was a glimmer of hope that they might get back together after the reunion, that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon.

Jess and Pjay15 of 23

Jess and Pjay - series 7

Jess Potter and Pjay Finch were doomed from the start after Jess found out that Pjay was a stripper, which she was NOT happy about. They tried to give it a go but quickly realised that they were better off as friends and decided to leave the experiment. They returned at the reunion and still seemed to be great friends.

April and George16 of 23
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April and George - series 7

April Banbury and George Roberts remained dedicated to each other throughout the entirety of the show, but there were a few bumps in the road. On their honeymoon drama arose after April kissed a girl in the hot tub (which was apparently completely innocent) but of course George made a huge deal about it. They managed to eventually resolve things but time and time again George failed to trust April. They stayed together until after the reunion - however whilst the show was airing George was arrested on suspicion of manipulative and coercive behaviour after three of his ex-girlfriends raised concerns with the police. Though we're not entirely sure when they split, April and George are no longer together.

Zoe and Jenna17 of 23
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Zoe and Jenna - series 7

Jenna Robinson and Zoe Clifton immediately hit it off after they got married and had relatively smooth sailing throughout their journey on the show. One of the main problem's when it came to their relationship was Jenna's vegan diet and Zoe being completely against it initially. However the two worked it all out (Zoe cooked a vegan dinner for Jenna) and they found that it wasn't actually much of an issue. As of November 2023, they are still together.

Whitney and Matt18 of 23
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Whitney and Matt - series 7

Matt Murray and Whitney's relationship majorly stirred things up amongst the group after they were both originally married to other people. Whilst Whitney was married to Duka Cavolli and Matt to Gemma Rose, the two decided to get to know each other which caused huge drama at a dinner party. After much deliberation, Matt and Whitney were then allowed to remain the in experiment together - however just as a dating couple. The couple were obsessed with each other and Matt even got a tattoo dedicated to Whitney, however at the reunion they announced that they were no longer together. All that drama for nothing... awks.

Thomas and Adrian19 of 23

Thomas and Adrian - series 7

When Adrian Sanderson and Thomas Hartley got married, there was drama from the get go - yep even at the wedding. When Adrian's best friend started grilling Thomas at the wedding reception, things started to go downhill from there. There was quite a few disagreements and for Thomas the lack of intimacy in the relationship was a huge turn off for him so they decided to go their separate ways at the end of the show but theystill remain best friends.

Sophie and Jonathan20 of 23
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Sophie and Jonathan - series 7

Sophie Brown and Jonathan Wileman entered the experiment later than all of the original couples, however they quickly created some of the best drama of the series. Jonathan's controversial (and quite frankly, rude) opinions and views made things difficult for his relationship with Sophie. They tried to work through their differences but ultimately Sophie and Jonathan parted ways. In a TikTok posted after the show aired, Sophie made a dig at Jonathan's disrespectful comments about her getting "big legs" if she worked out in the gym by posting the audio of him saying it alongside a montage of her killing it in the gym.

Matt and Daniel 21 of 23
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Matt and Daniel - series 6

As MAFS UK's first ever same sex couple, Matt Jameson and Daniel McKee seemed to be the perfect pair. They stayed together solidly throughout the show, and for a while after but after over a year together the couple sadly called it quits. In a post on social media announcing their split they said, "Hey guys! As you all know, we have been on an incredible adventure together the last two years and we have given ourselves every opportunity to make things work as a couple, but over the last few months we have realised that we are actually better as friends."

Adam and Tayah22 of 23
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Adam and Tayah - series 6

As one of the 2021 series, Adam Aveling and Tayah Victoria are proof that the experiment actually works. Having been together ever since they finished the show, their daughter Beau Emily Aveling, was born in October 2022. A MAFS UK baby? We're obsessed.

Michelle and Owen23 of 23
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Michelle and Owen - series 5

Michelle Walder and Owen Jenkins are another couple that is proof that the show works. Having been on series 5, they have been married for over two years now and share their lives together on their joint Instagram account.

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